First draft of the Summer Bucket List 2013

bucket list summer2013

Wow, how is it possible to already talk about the summer bucket list 2013? Last summer lasted forever, but I couldn’t believe how fast the rest of the year flew by….  and here we are again. I am so excited….

Here is the 2012 list:

It was the first summer bucket list, we actually wrote down and I have to admit it, it was a little too ambitious. This year, I would like to include some of the things we didn’t do last year and I have already soooooooooooo many new ideas, but it needs to be manageable. Also I want to have it printed out in some way, so Luca and Giorgio can mark what we have already done…. maybe actually use a bucket…. Because I haven’t figured out everything, I called the post the first draft.

– beach/swimming pool time – Luca learns to swim

– go to the zoo

– have a picnic on the beach

– pick berries at u pick farm – I think we might be too late again

– nature walk summer funny faces

– do a mini family vacation

– do a road trip

– go to Legoland Florida

go kayaking

– go to the water park

– do family bicycle tour with a family bike

– bicycle tour to the beach (dare I say, we never made it this far)

Luca wants to add bowling, going to the circus and traveling to Germany, but we will see about this


– have an Italian Day (because my husband is from Italy)

– have a German Day (because I am from Germany)

– make a beach/sand dinosaur

have a teddy bear picnic                                                                                                                   

– make fizzing sidewalk paint

– have an ice party – freeze toys in ice – color ice – eat ice cream

– make a shaving cream slide/parcour

– dig for treasure

Art and Crafts

– build a boat or raft and let it float

– water balloon craft

– make a bubble painting

– make a garden stone

– make a shell craft, maybe shell masks or necklaces

– make a 4th of July craft

– paint with rocks like here


– make popsicle

– make smores

– make frozen raspberry lemonade

– make homemade pasta for Italian day

– make German pancakes or pretzels for German Day


try a new fruit or a new food

– see an outdoor movie

– play in the sprinklers/ have a splashpad in the backyard

– do a scavenger hunt

have a bond fire

Never mind about the smaller list… there we go again and we already removed several things. I think we also need to start a fall, winter and spring bucket list to get all the ideas accomplished. Did I mention, how excited I am…. 🙂 I want to start right now!

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One thought on “First draft of the Summer Bucket List 2013

  1. Wow, this is a great list! I like how you broke down the categories and all your fun ideas. We have never finished a bucket list, but it’s fun anyway! Have a great summer and thanks for linking up to the Summer Bucket List Party

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