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Party Drunk Photo Booth Props – are you ready for spring break?


Photo Booth Props are one of our specialties and we made over 200 sets so far. We have holidays props, celebration props, themed party props and so much more. They are all so much fun and are a great party game or the most epic photo/selfie. The props are all available as printable and ready made props at our etsy and amazon stores:

A fun way to introduce and reintroduce you (if they were highlighted in the past) to our new and old sets is our new Photo Props Monday (#photopropsmonday). Every Monday, we will highlight one of our sets and we can’t wait so we are starting today, even though it is not a Monday.

Since spring break 2019 is around the corner, we are starting with our Party Drunk set which is full of hilarious signs and props:


What kind of props are you interested in? We always like to take suggestions and are making new sets every month. You might be the inspiration of our next set…..

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Tennis Party and Tennis Photo Booth Props



Giorgio really loves tennis, so we had to have a tennis party for his 7th Birthday at the tennis court. I really liked to organize a party that was not in a park for a change. It was a little more complicated with the initial set up and we had less time, but the owners of the tennis club were really accommodating and helpful.



We had a tennis teacher for the kids that played games with them. This was also different, because at most of our parties, we come up with games and entertainment.


Since our table was in the middle of a tennis club, the setting and environment was already perfect and we didn’t need too much other decoration other than on the actual table. We created a tennis net out of wool, which looked amazing. Unfortunately that day was really windy and it looks messy on a lot of pictures.  I still loved it because it was such a clever idea for a backdrop and made the table just perfect.


The cake was awesome and Giorgio actually helped making the rice crispy tennis balls. We also had cupcakes, cookies, candy, lollipops, little donuts and jell-o on the sweet table. It was a simple, but perfect set up.





Of course we made a photo booth prop set for the party which is available as instant download or ready made props in our etsy store. We are also selling the cupcake toppers, garlands, signs, food tags etc. I will link it here soon….


I can’t wait to have the actual photo shoot for the props. We will share the pictures once they are ready.

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San Valentine’s Day – We have you covered…

love and princess garland collage2

A day of romance, hearts, roses and lots of love….. and kind of our specialty…


If you are still looking for some Valentine’s Love, we have plenty of goodies in our online store….


I personally feel that there should be more than one day to show and share your love and every day could be your personal Valentine’s Day.  In the past, we worked with several restaurants, helped decorating and spreading a little photo props love and made some custom decoration like mini individual favors which can be also used for school favors. We made garlands, flower arrangements, cupcake wrappers and toppers, labels, signs, party hatcut outs, a Valentines Bingo game and more Valentines goodies and even hosted a Valentine Party one year.


We have two Valentines Photo Booth Prop sets as well as a mini set.

Valentines Candy Photo Booth Props


Valentine Candy and Sweets


romantic love and hearts

and our latest printable mini set for only $5


All the sets are also available as ready made set with or without our personalized vase

One of my favorite things was the Valentines frame we made this year that can easily be made DIY to use for Valentine’s Pictures for any Valentine’s school or company event.


If you are interested in any of our goodies, just send us an email at

We wish you the most romantic and wonderful Valentine’s Day…

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A cute Valentine’s Day Classroom Party Idea



Valentine’s week has started and if you are like us, you might be looking for something extra special for your kids Valentines Day Classroom party or the school fundraiser. For years, I brought one of our full Valentine’s Day photo booth prop sets to my kids classes, but the kids gravitated to the same couple of props. So we decided to make a mini Valentines Photo Booth Props  Set. 6 props are perfect to take individual or funny group pictures. Since school parties are usually on a tight budget, this set works perfectly. We only charge $5 for the download, which can be used over and over again. It is such a cute activity and also works as classroom decoration.



“Happy Valentine’s Day” sign
“Kiss Me” sign
hearts tie
pink heart
heart glasses

You can get the set here:



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Happy Chinese New Year – 恭喜发财

We wish you a wonderful New Year with lots of happiness, fortune, health and everything else you wish for……


We made these props several years ago because a customer requested the set. As I mentioned before country props are one of our favorite sets because we love to learn about the country and its culture, traditions, food etc. We try to make props that are representing the country and are meaningful and funny.

When we have the photo shoot, we also research clothes, make up and hairstyles as well as paint a backdrop that will fit the props. These props were so much fun to make. We spend a lot of time preparing for the photo shoot and I am so please about the result.

We sell the props as instant download for $9.99 or ready made props for $45 plus shipping;

Here are the collages of the photo shoot and Happy Chinese New Year!


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Beginner Simple Paper Clay Recipe




After a rather long break, crafty Friday is back and better than ever. We have lots of crafts and projects that are ready to be shared. A couple days ago, we posted about our candy theme this year and got lots of questions about how to make the paper clay/ paper mache from the candy tutorial. This is the beginner recipe which is pretty simple and only uses 2 main ingredients, paper and water. We have used this clay recipe in the past for example to make the mushrooms for our forest Christmas theme.


We also made various props for our Halloween Circus theme like the giant snake of the snake lady, the knifes of the knife thrower and the weights and medal of the strongman.


Lets get started:


Paper, Glue, Paint

You also need a paper shredder (optional), bucket, hand blender, kitchen towel/cheese cloth and a bowl

How to:


With our photo props, we accumulate a lot of waste paper which we love to recycle into paper clay projects. You can also use regular paper, envelopes (without the plastic windows), newspaper, brochures or any old scrap paper. All plastic and staples need to be removed before it can be either shredded or ripped into very small pieces. (the smaller, the better)



We usually fill a medium bucket about three quarters full.


For each  3 to 4 cups paper pieces, we use about 1 cup of glue. Paste should feel like a play dough consistency that shouldn’t be too dry or too wet.

We used the clay in molds as well as shaped it by hand. Depending on the size, it can take several weeks to dry. We have let the clay air dry as well as  let it dry in the oven at the lowest temperature. But be aware that the paper could brown or even burn if it gets too hot.

The texture of the clay is rough and grainy, which worked out perfect for these projects. To get a smoother surface, the dried clay object can be sandpapered. Afterwards it is ready to be painted.

We will share a couple of other clay projects in the upcoming month…..


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