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My first post!


Oh my goodness, I am writing my first post… Finally.

This was on my bucket list for a long time. There are so many great blogs out there that I love. I could spend hours sitting in front of the computer just reading blog entries. And I hope some day soon, somebody can say that about this blog. Instead of going to bed, just a couple of minutes longer, suddenly realizing that it is way too late and a couple of minutes turned into two hours.

I guess first, I should write something about myself. I am originally from Germany and came to this country in 2001. I met my husband here, who grew up in Italy. We have two wonderful little monsters, Luca and Giorgio, a dog and a cat. That was pretty short, but I will update my “about me” page soon, so there is more to come.

I love my family and friends, entertaining, crafting, photography and parties in general. We started having parties more and more and it was just natural to open an event planning business with my sister. Eva and I are very close and started crafting in our “Fabrik” in Germany from an early age. To learn the story behind this, please visit the about me page.

I also love baking and it kind of evolved through the years. We started to bake, craft, decorate and the parties grew bigger and better. Together we can do anything and we make up the perfect team. I hope to share all that with this blog. It is about parties, fun, entertaining, crafting, baking and all other little things that I think are important. My family and my kids are everything for me, so they will play a big part in here too.

I hope you enjoyed reading this little introduction and if you have any comments or suggestions, I am always happy to receive some feedback.



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