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Candy Candy Candy



It’s the year of candy for us…. Let me explain. Every year we have a different Christmas theme. Wait what, why are we already talking about Christmas you might ask yourself. In the past we had different colors and themes like beach, forest, Harry Potter, damask black and white etc…. Last year’s Christmas was a magical forest and for the first time we had a little reveal for the family for this years theme. It was a little box filled with candy and a message announcing “Candy Christmas”.


Because candy is such a fun theme that could be used all year around, we will also have a candy themed birthday party for Olivia in June…. and how about a candy Valentines?We have already been dreaming up some amazing candy creations and parties and can’t wait to share more throughout the year. My sister finished drawing some delicious candy which will be incorporated into the candy designs for the parties. Here are the different steps of one of her unedited drawings:



We will share lots of sweetness throughout the year. Like our paper clay candy which might be transformed into a Christmas tree garland or table decoration. If you want to sweeten your own party, we included the different steps on how to make the candy.


We used our beginner paper clay recipe which is basically only paper and glue. You can find the recipe on how to make the paper clay for all kinds of fun projects here:


To make the balls, you also need a measuring spoon (we used 1 TBSP), different paints, clear foil and hot glue.





It will be a sweet year 🙂

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Australia Day is on January 28th

Australia props


If you have been following us, you know we like to celebrate… Each holiday, birthday or occasion is a reason to celebrate or to have a little or not so little party. That was also a reason we started photo booth props and party decoration. Each theme needs to be celebrated. After about 6 month, we had our first requests for themes. Until today, this is still one of my favorite part of our job:  Designing and bringing to life a new set of photo booth props inspired by the ideas of our customers. We take suggestions into consideration and will make a list of ideas that would fit the theme. Afterwards my sister will draw the props and I edit them with my computer to give them our signature touch. Through the years our sets became more realistic and more awesome.  Ok, that was the really short version on how a new set comes to life…. and I am babbling…. What I really wanted to say that this awesome Australia photo booth props set was designed for one of our customers in 2013 and since Australia Day is coming on January 28th, it was about time to give a little shoutout to one of my favorite country sets….

This is from the original post:

We finished our Australia photo booth props just in time for Australia Day. We had so many ideas, there were so many props to make, but we had to make a selection and I think the result is perfect. I loved the shoot and the background Eva made. There is only one prop which might look better on kids than adults. The koala mask did not look very cute on me, but when my children hold it in front of there faces, I want to eat them up I mean they always look so cute with props, just saying. I am happy we had the chance to make this set and we wish everybody a Happy Australia Day!

The props are available here:

Australia collage 4Australia collage 3Australia collage 2Australia collage 1

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