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Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays


I just checked the post from last year and I could actually copy and paste the first sentence to start this post:

I am a little late this year, especially because we had our main Christmas celebration already Christmas Eve…

AND Somehow I am even later this year… BUT here I am 🙂 Each year we have a different Christmas theme with certain colors, patterns and designs, which usually starts with an inspiration or idea and evolves into a theme… Last year we used pink, green and golden hues. Here is the post:

Even though my favorite color is pink and I would love to use it every year, it is so much fun to use different themes and colors and to create a different Christmas magic year after year… I love Christmas! The theme this year was ice and snow in blue, white and silver. Very fitting for Miami, 😉


It started with the Adventskalender (I made an icy winter village at night and Eva a blue Christmas tree tower, as you can see in one of the pictures below) and the entire house was decorated and got a wintery makeover. We bought blue lights and blue ornaments for the Christmas tree and together with the icicles and jewels I already had, the tree sparkled. We used fake snow and all kind of wintery decoration for the table. My favorite decoration would be the small vintage ornaments in blue and silver hanging on the lamp and are scattered over the table. They are so pretty. AND the backdrop we used on the wall. It is a little shiny on the pictures, but (still) looks awesome next to the table. It is a huge window with a winter scene, lots of snow and ice as well as a deer. This really transformed the table…


collage 2

It was exactly like I imagined it and I have lots of sweet memories about this holiday season. This is what makes me happy! Spending quality time with the family and friends we love, baking, crafting, ice skating, decorating, making presents for each other (like a cookie checkers board for grandpa or a miniature Christmas tree for auntie), drinking hot chocolate, wrapping and decorating the presents and the crazy unwrapping frenzy, laughing, the elf, surprising each other, Adventskalender, Christmas music, singing and cooking are just a few of these memories we made….

It is my favorite holiday and I want to make each year extra special for the ones I love… I hope I could share some of our Christmas magic with you and give you a warm (or icy) holiday feeling or a smile. We wish you a never-ending season of Love, Peace and Happiness! Happy Holidays 🙂

And like last year we already know the theme for next year, which will be a more traditional, cozy and woodsy Christmas sweater theme in red and green. I can’t wait 🙂 Too soon?


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