A paper clay doll – a wedding cake topper

We got the wedding fever over here, because Eva is getting married in less than a year. Ohhhhh, so exciting, but so much to do and because we are usually doing it all by ourselves, why not try making a wedding cake topper.

After researching wedding toppers, Eva realized that any custom toppers are over a hundred dollars and that is just too much, so she started to play around with our favorite paper clay recipe (her current obsession) that was featured on the blog in the beginning of the year.

This doll won’t be the actual wedding topper because it is still too rough around the arms and chest and need to be worked on just a little more. Also the actual wedding topper will be even more personalized possibly with an alligator or maybe a compound bow or some other passion. This doll became a princess and was adopted by Olivia, my 3 year old daughter.


This was only the second try and I can’t wait to see the future dolls. The first one was just clay and the facial features were too rough and she was a little lopsided. This time, Eva bought a small doll, which happened to be a mermaid from the dollar store, to use as the base. Since we only needed the actual skull and upper torso, Eva removed the hair, make up, arms and mermaid tail.




To shape the dress, Eva used aluminum foil and covered it in clay. She also made the hair out of clay and shaped new arms and flowers. The doll had to dry 7-10 days.


She tried to smooth the skin and shape the collar bones with a file but it didn’t work as expected and is still too rough. To mimic her own skin color, Eva mixed several colors. It turned out a little more orange. She colored the hair, the flowers, made a little necklace and of course most importantly drew her face back on. She used acrylic paint and nail polish to get some shine and glitter.



In the end, the doll came out very cute and Olli loves to play with her. Can’t wait to see what Eva comes up with next.

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