About The Party Event



Dressing up and getting into character is so much fun and one of the things we love to do most. From our crazy Halloween themes to dressing up for the photo booth prop photo shoots, it is never boring at The Party Event.  We have been superheroes, Olympians, military pilots, zombies, princesses and traveled from the 20s through all the decades. We are always having a blast getting into character for all of our projects.

Fun Fact: We have created over 200 different sets of photo booth props. We have holidays props, celebration props, themed party props and so much more. They are all super fun and are a great party game or make the most epic photo/selfie. The props are all available as printable and ready made props at our etsy and amazon stores:


A fun way to introduce and reintroduce you (if they were highlighted in the past) to our new and old sets is our new Photo Props Monday (#photopropsmonday). Every Monday, we will highlight one of our sets.


But let’s introduce ourselves. Hi, we are Eva and Ina.  And yes, we are sisters too (not twins, because somehow people ask us all the time).

We launched our company in November 2011, but already worked and crafted together for over 20 years. In our “factory” in the basement of our home in Germany, we colored, crafted, glued and put glitter on all kinds of stuff… it was so much fun and kind of our crafting roots.


Today celebrations are everything to us and we make them big and crazy and over the top. We love themes….. Christmas (candy, forest, winter wonderland, beach or Harry Potter were some of our themes), Halloween, actually any celebration or holiday, is used to transform us and all the world around us into the particular and current theme. We draw, we dress up, make party decorations, bake, take picture, craft, entertain, decorate, paint and blog about it. So to sum it up, we make unique and epic parties that take over our life and any other crazy idea we can come up with,  Welcome….



We are really into photo booth props and come up with new creations all the time. For a complete list of our photo booth props, please check out our inventory list:


You can also find us on etsy, amazon and our website. We have different party themes with different decoration that can be customized for any event. If you like our style and cannot find a specific theme or need something unique, let us know… We would love to work with you on a custom design. Simply contact us at thepartyevent@gmail.com

Thanks for stopping by….

Ina and Eva


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