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boy birthday photo booth props in blue, green and brown for any themed boy birthday party…

Of course I don’t want to display only the girl photo booth props, because we also have wonderful boy birthday photo booth props. Available here:

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girl birthday photo booth props in pink, purple and yellow for any themed girl birthday party…

After our colorful birthday photo booth prop set was a huge success, we were asked many times for individual girls or boys photo booth prop sets. They are finally here 🙂 And we went out all in our photo shoots – pretty in pink for the girls and cool blue for the boys. As much as I love the glitter over the eyes, it is such a pain to remove it… 🙂 But as I said before, it is so much fun to dress up and we even used mini boas…..

Available in etsy:

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The different kind of Christmas photo booth props – ugly Christmas ties…

When designing the Christmas props, we also wanted to make a different set, like similar to the pumpkin faces. We immediately thought about Christmas sweaters, but they were too big as photo props. So the next best thing were ties… Christmas sweaters can be ugly, that’s why our goal was to create some really ugly ties. (in the end most of them turned out cute) This was exactly what we were looking for…. a different kind of Christmas set that can be used at a holiday party or to get some laughs at a stiff holiday dinner… something fun. You can get them here:

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banana – monkey – jungle photo booth props

Last weekend we celebrated the second birthday of my curious Giorgio. We had a monkey – banana – jungle party theme which came out very nice and will be the first printable party package we sell as a set. (available soon)  Of course we had to have photo booth props for the party. If you are interested in the props, we sell them here:  I will post some party pictures soon too… Thanks for hanging around 🙂

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bloody or slime Halloween candles – an easy, fast and very spooky craft

I usually post crafts I do with my kids, but I love to do projects just for me too… I recently posted about the spectacular Halloween Table we did a couple of years back. If you haven’t read about it, check it out here:

The bloody candles were a last-minute extra creepy idea we had. You need white candles, red candle wax (for blood) or green candle wax (for slime), a lighter, some newspaper to cover the working area and a candle holder or something to hold the candle in place. Easy peasy…

We accidentally bought a red candle which had white wax inside. I double checked before, but somehow grabbed the wrong candle in the end. Thankfully I still had some candles at home. We used a dark fuchsia red in the end and it still looks nice and authentic.  As candle holders, we used styrofoam bowls, which we turned around and made holes inside to hold the candles. We put the white candles in the candle holders, used an extra candle to make first the red and later the green wax hot and poured the liquid carefully over the white candles. Because the wax hardens pretty fast, we had to work fast, but still be careful to not get burned.

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scary pumpkin monsters

Yesterday night my sister and I carved pumpkins. This was only part 1, because tonight Luca, my husband and I will carve some more. Let me present to you: the pumpkin eater and the evil grinner: 

They came out really cute or should I rather say scary 🙂 For a more dramatic results, we carved out some parts and only scraped others. The evil grinner was also marked with a black sharpie and the pumpkin eater got to eat a little pumpkin. Maybe I will still carve a face for the little guy.

We first draw a design on the pumpkins which looked like this:

We then cut off the top off, cleaned out the insides and started to carve. It is a lot of fun, but really messy and I expect tonight to get even messier. I will keep you updated.

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Thanksgiving props, anybody????

You might have already noticed the Thanksgiving props in our etsy store. We had the photo shoot for them in the beginning of August. Crazy!!!!!!! I know first comes Halloween, but we are in the holiday spirit and have all kind of wonderful holiday themed props available… So without further due, here are the Thanksgiving props:


At least it felt like November because it was a rainy and dark afternoon and unfortunately the lighting was not as great. Still, the props are really cool and make me want to have a big Thanksgiving dinner this year with family and friends. My favorite prop is the “Black Friday sleeping mask”…

Available on etsy here:

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decorating the house for the holidays with children

Since we live in Florida, we don’t get the typical seasons outside of our house. But not inside! I love to decorate for each season and holiday. Right now our house smells like a big pumpkin pie and we have leafs, nuts, pumpkins, straw, berries and other fall decoration all over. This makes me feel so good and I love to share or pass on this love of the different seasons to my kids. Of course we go to the pumpkin patch and do fall crafts, but I also like to include them in the decorating. We have a fireplace where they can go wild. They are allowed to decorate it for each holiday.  I have to check to see, if I have pictures throughout the year, but now it is covered completely for autumn. We use different things (from streamers, stickers, drawings, crafts to leafs, nuts, flowers, buttons or whatever I can find in the house that matches the theme). I bought foam leaf and pumpkin stickers for a craft project and Luca decided the fireplace was the perfect place to display theme. We also used hazelnuts to make a border on top of the mantel. I mean the boys did it all by themselves and I only took pictures. The fireplace looks beautiful and perfect and I could have not done it better. Plus Luca was really proud of him and feels very important. I think every house should dedicate a corner, a door, a fireplace, a corkboard or big frame to let the kids decorate for a holiday, birthday or just because…. and I don’t mean to just hang art from school… I think you will be amazed what your kids come up with – at least I am with mine and I think the hazelnuts idea was genius…

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The best and creepiest Halloween Dessert Table ever…

I am very excited to share one of our coolest (and one of my favorite) creations ever. 

The Graveyard!


Every year my parents host an awesome Halloween bash and one year my sister and I offered to make the desserts.  We sat together and came up with a plan. We added more and more ideas and out came a super creepy graveyard with an eerie “ghost tree”, terrifying witches fingers and all kinds of other gruesome sweet treats.

We surprised my parents after pulling a night shift before the party and exceeded their expectations.

I can cook or bake the best at night when everybody else is sleeping, but this time I enjoyed especially because Eva and I baked and decorated together. It was smelling delicious as we finished dozens of cookies and cupcakes. From eyeballs and spiderweb cookies to marshmallow skeletons and bloody frosting, there was some for everybody…

We also made the candles and candle holders as well as the eerie Halloween tree and the graveyard fence. It was such a great project…. here are the instructions to make the candles:

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