About Eva

We had the idea for a very different and unique kind of “About me” page last summer. Instead of only one profile picture, why not make a collage of pictures expressing our likes and interests with photo booth props? This is what we do and love…. and we are really happy how the final result came out. It took us close to a year, because of all the custom orders and sets we created in between, but it makes it even more special. Each of us made a list with 20 things we love or that represent us (which was hard, because there are many more things…). Eva designed and drew them on paper and I edited the images on the computer to make them look like our signature photo booth props. Drumroll please:):



Most of the pictures are pretty clear, but we decided to give you a little explanation and some short stories to each picture. Here is Eva’s description:

Crab/cancer: I am a cancer, born in July

The little mermaid: Ariel was my childhood hero, I always wanted to have hair like hers. Today my hair color changes often, but not only red

German flag: I was born in Germany and lived there until I was 14. Today I am an American citizen, but still feel German inside.

Camera: I love to take photos. I got my first camera at the age of 6 and I am known to give photo books as presents to all of my friends capturing their weddings, baby showers, birthdays & all other memories.

Red Bull: my guilty pleasure! I was not sure if I should add this to my list, but a short story from when my nephew was 2 years old. As we passed the red bull cans in the supermarket, he pointed at them and said my name. He still reminds everybody today, that it is my favorite beverage. I know its bad, but it tastes soooo good.

Techno: I love dance and electronic music. I listen to it everyday. Dancing like a crazy woman, lol

Colorful hair: As I stated before, the little mermaid is to blame. It started with red hair when I was 8 and since that time I have had every hair color imaginable… blue, pink, orange, purple………

Paint: I love to draw. In middle school I became artist of the year. This love has grown every year and finally now I get to do what I love for a living.

Gluten free sign: I found out in 2009 that I am intolerant to Gluten. It has been a long and difficult journey. But I have learned to live without it. Life is so much better now:)

Cactus: my favorite plant, I love every kind. My grandmother had many of them in her house, some over 6 feet tall. I was fascinated as a child and today I have my own collection of many different kind. I always say “don’t buy me flowers that will wilt. Give me a cactus instead.”

Home: This probable represents me most. It’s my place of comfort. AND it also includes my family and friends and all the animals that live here.

Florida: This is paradise to me. There is no place I would rather be. I love the beach and the weather. The smell of the everglades. Alligators and palm trees. My dream is to one day retire in Naples, Florida

Blue eyes: I am not sure where this came from. Maybe because my sister has them and her eyes are stunning. Maybe because many of my friends in Germany had blue eyes. I have colored contact lenses and I love how different I look with them. There is just something about light eyes that I love.

Yoga: I am not a big sports person, but Yoga is something that I love doing. It makes me feel great and centered.

Black cats: or really cats in general. I had a cat named Mikesch when I was a little girl. I loved him so much that I wouldn’t have left Germany without him. He was my everything, my best friend. I am not able to walk by a cat without touching it. I cannot go into a pet store without debating to take one home. Its a problem;)

High heals/shoes: I guess I am a girly girl when it comes to shoes and makeup. My mother has always been my style icon. She had big hair, 80s clothes, long colorful nails and heels. I wanted to be just like her. Nowadays she still wears her heels and I am the one with the big hair & crazy clothes and I love it

Tree: My family calls me a tree hugger. I love trees and nature. I would say I hug about 5 trees a week on average, lol

Yellow car: I have a thing for yellow cars. I had a yellow Chevy for 8 years. Unfortunately after my car accident in 2011, my yellow car was totaled:(. For whatever reason that I don’t understand, yellow cars have gone out of style and I was not able to have another yellow car. But my next and hopefully every car in my future, will be bright yellow again. Such a great color. By the way my scooter I had when I was 20 was also yellow.

Nail polish: now this is an actual problem. I have way to many. I like to change my nails once a week with different nail art designs. My nails are rarely ever just one color.

The Sims: Nowadays, I don’t have the time to play video games like I did as a teen. But if I could pick one game, it would be the Sims. I have been playing this since the first year the game was made. And once every couple of months, I hide in my house, turn my phone and the lights off and disappear for a few hours.

There are many more things about me, but we wanted to do something different. Photo Props are what we love and why not have our ” about me” pages done this way.

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