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Mustaches and More Photo Booth Props

If you are looking for the standard photo booth prop set with mustaches, hats, lips, glasses and more, this set is perfect for you. It is the “typical” photo booth prop set, but more awesome and better…. Instead of the regular black mustaches and solid colored props, we try to give our props shading and dimension….

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Speech bubbles, wordstickers and more funny and silly cartoon photo booth props



I am sooooooooooo excited to share this photo booth prop set with you. In the beginning of the week we finished 3 sets and I am now trying to post everything as soon as possible. I wanted to start with the biggest, meanest (not really, lol) coolest set we ever made. (I think the USA set has almost as many props).

Speech bubbles, wordstickers and more funny and silly cartoon photo booth props all in one set.  We laughed most of the time, while making the pictures, because of our crazy face expressions together with the props. This is the perfect set, if you want to have more than the typical mustache, glasses and hat set (which comes next 🙂 ). The only downside would be the amount of time spent cutting out props, because there are soooooo many…. but I have a solution! Not only do we sell the props on etsy as a PDF file sent to your e-mail, we also sell the completed “ready to go” set. Just contact us for prices…

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Bon Voyage, come sail with our Nautical Photo Booth Props….

Yesterday I was writing about the cruise props, but we also had a Nautical Photo Booth Shoot. We were just leaving a port, so it was kind of difficult with the lighting and you can see an island appearing on some of the pics. The sun was shining pretty hard on us and we got some wind at the same time, so this was more challenging than usually. Still pretty awesome and our background could have not been better. I am so happy we had the opportunity to take the pictures on board and not later home with a fake background, on the beach or something we had painted. Both shots were really special and I will always smile thinking about them. I can’t wait for future “on location photo shoots”. Let me know, if you have any suggestions! Love to hear some comments…. like a polar theme on location would be super cool or better super cold, hahahaha….

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it’s vacation time…cruise photo booth props

I recently wrote about how to prepare the kids for a vacation and our cruise. Time flies and we are already back. It was wonderful and like always way toooooooooooooo short.  I could write the longest blog post about all the amazing things we saw, but I try to focus on the title… the cruise photo booth props. Yes, we worked on our vacation!!!! Can you believe it? And yes, it was a lot of fun too!

I have to say the cruise props are now my new favorite shoot. It was funny, because all the other guests were really interested in what we were doing there. We got quite a crowd around us while posing, hahaha….

you can find them here:

I will also write about the other set we did during the cruise tomorrow – very appropriate – Nautical photo booth props….



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A Photo Booth Props Inventory List for all our props….

I just finished a page for an overview for all our photo booth props. (you can find it on the right side under the about us page).  It took me  a while to link all the pictures to the posts about the props, but it was soooooo worth it. We had several people requesting an inventory list and even Eva and I started to find it difficult to name them all…. I am really proud to present you our current list of all our props:

We offer Themed & Birthday Party, Seasonal & Holiday, Wedding, Baby, Sports, Places, Countries & Cities and Other/More Photo Booth Props. If you have any suggestion for photo booth props or would like us to work on a personalized set, please contact us for more information via e-mail.

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A bucket list update… no, actually it’s a wrap… goodbye summer… hello fall

We had a lot of fun with our summer bucket list and were crossing off things left and right…. but we didn’t do all… which is kind of ok. I am happy with the things we did (a lot of stuff wasn’t even on there) and the day just has a certain amount of hours. ( I need to clone myself to do all the things I want to do) 😉 Also we have  already a start for next year ) Unfortunately I was also  too busy posting about everything…. I could do at least 5 posts, but let me see what I can fit in here to wrap up the summer bucket list 2012. I will still write some “how to” posts in the future and link them back, but this is the official end of summer – school is back on – and my last official post about it 😦 ok, I am also sad about it…. at the same time I am super excited about the fall, the upcoming holidays, the birthdays of my boys and all the new exciting things we have planned. No time for sadness…. here are some of the things we did this summer:

Played in the yard

Visited the Miami Children Museum

Had a picknick in the park and played some soccer

Build a tent in the living room on a rainy day

Stamp summer flowers with potatoes

Visited the butterfly museum

Thanks for stopping by… I hope you liked our adventures as much we did….

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creepy Halloween Photo Booth props – our third and final Halloween set this year….

Last, but not least the creepy Halloween photo booth props, our third set. It is a little “nicer” or less frightening than the scary set, but still perfect for Halloween. Available in our etsy store here:

Halloween photo shoots are the best, because it is sooooo much fun to get dressed up and look really different. I think we achieved it in this shoot and had a blast while doing it.

Here are more pics…

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Halloween Photo Booth Props – the pumpkin edition

Yesterday I presented the scary Halloween photo booth prop set. If it was too creepy, the pumpkin set might be for you. I love to carve pumpkins and every year, we try to come up with something new, so I had the idea to make a carved pumpkin set (which is a little different from the others, but just as much fun)


 And because we love to carve pumpkins, we will also use the props as stencils for the pumpkins (instructions coming soon). Instead of cardboard paper, just print them onto regular paper in black and white.

I am excited for Halloween, because we are preparing already for a while and finally the props and some other fun Halloween stuff can be posted. It is kind of the beginning of the holiday season for us (maybe not just us, hihi) and it is such a special and festive time of the year.

If you are interested in these props, you can purchase them here:                                        


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Halloween Photo Booth Props – the scary edition…

Halloween is coming soon… Are you ready for some scary Halloween fun?

We created three different kind of Halloween photo booth props and they look all very different. Today I want to present the scary props…

The background was spectacular, we were in costumes and had awesome over-the-top make-up…

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How to prepare you and your kids for a vacation…. a special cruise calendar to count the days until our next trip

The ruins of Ancient Carthage in Tunis – August 2011

Vacation time is the best and we are always looking forward to spend an amazing time in a different country, learning about new cultures and just being with family (not that you cannot have a great time in your own country:) ) Our trips are most of the time to Europe to combine time with extended family members and travel from there to different countries and new adventures. As I mentioned before, last year we went to a wedding in Germany, visited family in Italy and went on an amazing trip to Spain, Tunisia and France. Here we were in the back of a bus in Mallorca:

We always travel with the kids and Luca has been already on some big trips with long flights or even longer car trips like a  road trip from Germany through Switzerland to Italy, another road trip from North Italy to South Italy and his first flight was with 5 weeks… still I enjoy taking the kids and show them different parts of the world. It is the best thing for me to travel with my family. My parents did the same thing with my sister and me and I think they are the reason why we love traveling today… It can be stressful, yes, but much less with lots of preparation. I thought, I share some tips how we got through long flights, but more important I wanted to share our cruise calendar to get the kids as excited as we are for our next vacation to the Caribbean….

Yes, we are going on a cruise all together with my husband, the kids, my parents and my sister. I am sooooooooooooo excited. I love cruising….And we are prepared, get ready for some cool cruise and nautical props…. yeahhhh

To bring the vacation closer, I made Luca and Giorgio a cruise calendar to count the days until the cruise. Both the kids have been on cruises before with us, but Luca being 4 1/2 years old, understands much more and I love to see him getting excited too. It’s a lot of fun to watch the big cruise ships exit the port of Miami and we love to waive to the passengers. From this I got the idea of painting a big ship with windows for the days until the cruise. Instead of crossing the days off, Luca draws a face inside the window for each day. The calendar turned out huge and is standing in front of the fireplace for everybody to see it, meaning we are constantly reminded that we are going on vacation soon. Yeah…. The first thing after he wakes up in the morning is to run to the calendar, paint a little face and we count the days left together. Because of that, the cruise is usually the topic over breakfast. We go on with the day and the next morning he is all over excited to mark the calendar. I think this is a great way to prepare the kids for a vacation and also makes me feel like a kid counting the days down. Can you feel how excited I am????? But let me show you how the calendar looks:

For the vacation I will prepare an entertainment bag for the boys, which will include crayons, activity book, stickers, coloring pages, little surprises wrapped in tissue paper and secured with a little tape for unwrapping, glue sticks, bandages (they are great for opening and sticking them all over a plane) , extra paper, a light book, paper bag animals etc.  I had a package like this in the plane last summer and it kept Luca occupied in the plane, a train ride from Germany to Italy and in between other stops). Stickers are perfect. The coolest thing was the activity set which requires some preparation. He had to glue different fish on an ocean page, salami and olives on a pizza page, legs on a spider page, put different parts of a face and body together and so on… I had to pre cut these things, because we couldn’t take scissors on the plane, but it was totally worth it. Because he is older this year, I think I will make it more about math, but I am not sure yet what it will be. My Mom bought two mini chalk boards which can be used at the dinner table. I don’t need to prepare a lot, because we don’t have a long flight and there is plenty to do at a cruise, but it is always good to have a little care package.

Another thing I have learned through our trips is to relax . I was really nervous flying with my baby in the beginning and he felt my tension. Children mirror the parents and if we are unhappy, they will be too and show it… Even if I don’t like a place, I would never show my children, instead I would still try to make it cool for them.

I hope, if you are reading this, you will also go on a vacation soon…. Have fun! Soon we will too….

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