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a bottle pinata or better a bottle present for Fabio

Yesterday we were invited to a birthday dinner of a good friend and brought him a little gift. Just something small, but the perfect present for only him.

He used to work for  a drink manufacturing company that produces the Vodka 42Below and when I see this brand,  I automatically think about him.  Therefore this was the perfect fit (plus I love the way it worked out with the W in the end). We filled it with confetti and candy and presented the pinata bottle inside a gift bag for wine bottles. It was such a cute and unique gift. We had a great evening with really good food. When we left we were full and happy. That’s how a good party should be!

If you are interested in a personalized present, favor or pinata, please contact me at for a quote.

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Please like us on facebook!

Yeah, we are finally on facebook and twitter! We hope to get many new fans or likes…

2012 will be an exciting year, we have many things planned.

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Finally the Yoshi inspired Birthday Party!!!!

I already wanted to post the pictures of the Yoshi inspired Party in forever…. Finally, here they are. The party was such as success and we had so much fun. But most of all, Luca loved his party.


…and before I forget, this was the invitation. A Yoshi egg inside a box to smash with a small Yoshi head with the details of the party:

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most romantic Valentine’s Day gifts ever…


Since I am a hopeless romantic and my favorite color is pink, I also love Valentine’s Day. I think love should be expressed throughout the year, but why not have a special day other than an anniversary to surprise each other and celebrate the romance. I also like to decorate the house and for a short while my family lives in my crazy, pink Valentine’s dream.  February 14th also became a special date, when we found out I was pregnant with Giorgio that day. ( I think that was the top Valentine’s Day gift my husband and I both ever received and we had some pretty other nice ideas for each other). In general I love to be surprised with something romantic and unexpectant…
I think one of the most romantic presents that can be given to your love is a love letter that comes from the heart. I was thinking about a special and romantic way to present it and came up with heart boxes. Once I started experimenting a little, I had more and more ideas (I still get them and want to start working right away). The results are beautiful and I would love to get this from my Valentine! They hearts can be filled with a love letter, a poem, love notes, heart confetti, chocolate, candy (“dare I say an engagement ring”) or any other romantic gift you can think about. The possibilities are endless..
The Pinata Heart
The Double-Colors Heart
The Pedals Heart
The Decoupage Heart
The Glitter Heart
If you are interested in any of the hearts, please contact me at
More information will come soon…
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