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We are still here…


Ok, I think I need to explain why we haven’t posted anything in a while and why this blog is still stuck in summer 2015…

We have been really busy and if you visited our social media pages you can see all kind of new props, parties and awesome stuff we have been doing the last couple of months:



(we are always looking for new likes 🙂  )

Hopefully this is about to change, because we are still going strong. Our company has grown quite a bit since the beginning and we are now selling on amazon too, just to mention one of those things we have been doing. We have lots of other new adventures and so much to tell… There had been some personal changes, like a new baby that isn’t a baby anymore, a couple moves and also unfortunately a divorce, so the blog was a little on the backburner. We are still focusing on Photo Booth Props, party decoration and so much more… If you follow any of our social media sites like instagram, you already know that we have flooded some of our social media with our latest projects. We will still keep this blog active and I have lots of new photo booth props sets to write about, we want to share DIY crafts we did and there is so much more. We have been planning and working on our new website with a STORE for soo long now. It takes a little longer than expected and I really wanted to write the blog directly from the website… but somehow we are still not there and rather than waiting any longer, I want to share our props, crafts and everything else again. I missed my blog, this is my baby. 2018  Here we come….




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