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a hearty breakfast or toad/heart in a hole plus a sweet surprise

Today my children and I made a special breakfast treat with an extra twist. I normally like to take some beautiful pictures of the result, but Luca and Giorgio did not want to wait at all. I snapped some pics while making the toast and also of the children enjoying their breakfast. I really would have liked to show off the end result more pretty, but I actually enjoyed the breakfast a lot…

From Egg in a hole, Toad in a Hole, Egg in a Basket to Hobo Eggs, this breakfast treat has many names. I really wanted to call it heart in a toast, but the heart disappeared during cooking. So how about the secret heart toast 🙂 ? Instead of toasting the heart and serve it with the egg toast, we decided to give it a sweet twist. When my sister and I were children, my Mom made this treat sometimes for us. In German you call it “rostige Ritter” which means rusty knights…. I guess it is a simple version of french toast here in the US.

But first back to the secret heart toast:

It is actually pretty easy to make. We cut out the hearts or holes with a cookie cutter and toasted them in a pan with some olive oil.

I lightly toasted one side, about 2 minutes, flipped and cracked the egg into the hole and seasoned with salt & pepper. Normally you would continue to cook until the egg is cooked and mostly firm. For the eggs of the children, I flipped it again to make sure the egg was cooked through completely and added a slice of cheese (which we cut out too). I guess with more time and for a prettier presentation, I would have broiled them in the oven, but we were hungry…

After this delicious first course, we made the second sweet part. I cracked one egg, scrambled it and added a teaspoon of sugar. Luca helped me to dip the hearts and cover them with the egg mixture. We toasted them on both sides in vegetable oil (or butter) until they were cooked through.

It was a nice change to the breakfast we usually have and the day began just a little sweeter….

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Found on Etsy: Housewarming Pinatas

I found an article about us on the nest. That made my day. Thank you soo much…

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baby photo booth props – the other collection

As I mentioned before, we also designed a second collection, which looks a little different from the first one. It is much brighter and more colorful. There are also some different props. I like them all…. it would be difficult for me to choose a favorite collection….

We had as much fun taking pictures with these props…. Here are some snapshots and our highlights:

Here is something different: Can you see what is wrong with one of the pictures? Leave a comment, if you can see it… (hint: something extra that wasn’t supposed to be there)


Please leave a comment, if you like the props. We are always open to ideas for new props….

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more silly faces with the baby photo booth props

Yesterday I wrote a post about the first set of baby props we made… today I want to post the rest of the pics plus the other set. It is so exciting. We have a lot more things coming, but there is just not enough time. I need more hours…. 🙂

We had to sort through tons of pics. It is just so much fun taking pictures with photo props….. There are so many different faces you can make… Whenever we take pics we are just laughing about the silliness of each other. It is an instant entertainment and joy for both of us. I hope you can have as much fun as we have taking silly photographs and laughing through an afternoon or evening. It is good to laugh….

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so many new props and all about babies…

Babies, Babies, Babies… I am only seeing babies (no, we are not pregnant)

We just finished one set (really 4 because of the different colors) of pastel baby photo booth props as well as a complete different multicolored set. They  all came out spectacular and we are really happy about the result.

It took us all day yesterday to take the pictures and edit them. We got some great shots with Giorgio too. I need to write a post about children and photo props, since even my 18 month old boy likes to pose with them… Luca is already a pro! He actually requests props for certain occasions, but if I would do that, I would only design for my boy….

I love Photo Booth Props and I am happy to share some of the results of the pastel collection:

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shabby chic inspired lace and pearls flower brooch decoration

Recently I mentioned an upcoming anniversary party for the first time. It is coming closer and we are busy designing and making it happen. This party will be all about pearls and lace, chic and elegant. Part of the main theme throughout the party will be a lace and pearl brooch decoration, inspired by my love for “shabby chic”. We will use these flowers as part of our centerpieces in the middle of the table, on the back of our chairs, on the menu… (this is just the beginning).  They are the perfect accessory and will give the party an instant elegant and romantic setting. I am so excited.  We are also selling them on etsy and ebay for other parties to enjoy.

Each flower is made with crepe paper, tulle, 2 different sets of lace, pearls and 2 ribbons in the back (to tie them on).They are a mixture of colors ranging from white, creme, ivory to champagne and other similar hues for each element of the brooch and we have them in three different sizes.

 We have a lot more (like this elegant Menu)… But this will be in another post!

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The Party Event Easter Egg Hunt 2012

This is the second part of our Easter Party. You might have already seen the other post, if not click here:

The egg hunt was my favorite part of the party and I am sure all the guests enjoyed it as well…

Before starting the egg hunt, all the children had to find the carrot easter eggs, we had hidden everywhere throughout the garden. Some of them were more lucky than others, but they were found in no time at all.

All the egg hunters gathered around the starting line and everybody counted down together from ten to zero…

Ten, nine, eight………………………..four, three, two, one, GOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!

Thanks everybody for being there…

and one last pic. I had sooooooo many….

The easter eggs for the kids, the picture of all kids together for the Moms!

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The carrot party/egg hunt was so much fun…. until it started to rain

Not true, we still had fun, but I wish it hadn’t rained….

Easter parties need to be outside in the garden with a lot of games and activities, a full basket of eggs from the egg hunt, good food, even better desserts  and running around with all your friends. I am happy we had all of that, just shorter than I imagined, since it started to pour half way through the party. Initially our wonderful big tree let us take shelter from the rain, but eventually the rain took over… It rained almost the entire rest of the afternoon and the party was transferred inside. Still nice, but not the same as outside. So, I want to share the first part of the party with all its carroty glory, the activities, the egg hunt, great food and even better friends.

It took me a while to decide which pictures to post, since we had so many great photos. Let’s start with carrots!

Easter egg hunt is here:

The Tables and Decoration

The Carrot Patch

The Punch

The Activity Table

The children painted easter eggs, made play dough easter eggs or simply colored the carrot templates we had printed.

The Photo Props

The Rain

The first picture actually looks beautiful. (the clean-up afterwards not so much).

I was a little sad about the games we did not play. We wanted to to an egg and sppon race, sack races, an easter treasure hunt and more…

I am glad we did have a successful easter egg hunt, which I will post separate. It was the highlight of the party for me…

We had some great helpers… A big Thank You to these special guys and also to our parents.

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the first hair cut of Giorgio

Giorgio got his first hair cut yesterday and I am still in shock….

From this cute baby boy…                                                         ….he now looks like this cute big boy


On one side I wanted to do it for a while now, but on the other side I wanted to keep his golden locks forever.  (I love the way Luca looks after a hair cut, so handsome…) Chris didn’t want to cut his hair at all, but he was always very hot and summer is still coming. So we did it! And I am happy and sad at the same time.

Giorgio watched his older brother carefully while Luca got his hair cut first. When it was his turn, he was very serious about it, but didn’t complain or wiggled around. He was busy watching Barney and enjoyed the ” head massage”. During the end, Giorgio almost fell asleep. As a reward, both of them received a balloon and a bouncy ball/car.

I really recommend a hair salon for children for the first hair cut. There is a lot of distraction and both my children were really good. It doesn’t guarantee no crying or fuzzing, but it will be much easier to stop it.

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Kool-Aid dyed Easter Eggs

We finally did the Kool-Aid eggs. For this “garden coloring fest” we invited Kian, a friend of Luca. I figured, it would be kind of messy, therefore we colored the eggs in the garden (which was a good idea).

initially I wanted to dye eggs naturally with onions, blueberries, red cabbage etc, but since it involves boiling water, I decided it was safer and more fun to do the Kool-Aid eggs instead. We used 14 boiled eggs, 6 different packages of Kool-Aid drinking mixtures, water and of course some cookies on the side…

Step 1:

We let them pour the Kool-Aid packages in small cups

Step 2:

Added 2/3 cup of water for each cup and stirred the mixture until it dissolved.

Step 3:

We let the mixing fun begin… The longer the eggs are submerged, the more intense the color gets. Our eggs weren’t submerged that long. Luca and Kian were busy submerging the eggs, getting them out, dipping them again in a different color and just mixing colors. Each egg was getting more and more similar as the yellow color was changing into orange/red. Red is also the color which gives the fastest result, but also stains the fingers ( I still have some slight red finger tips the day after). It was a lot of fun, especially the mixing part…



Once the eggs were dried, we wanted to have a nice picture with the boys, but it wasn’t an easy task. When we finally got them on the chairs, it still took countless shots (including this one)

two broken eggs and some chocolate to get this one:

Happy Egg Dyeing everybody…

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