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honeymoon surprise for a special couple

Like I already told you in my previous post, my sister-in-law just got married and she and her new husband stopped in Miami as part of their honeymoon.  As a special surprise we decorated the hotel room before the couple arrived. We decorated the bed and had a small surprise table with all kinds of goodies. The love trees (I already posted) were some of the centerpieces in the room.

There was a trail of little paper hearts going from the door to the bedroom, of course a lot of candles, hearts, champagne and sweet treats throughout the room.

The bed was only decorated with their names, a red ribbon and small paper hearts. We didn’t want them to spend a lot of time removing stuff and had the dessert buffet and other decoration in the small living room.

Fabio, a friend of us and a very talented photographer took these amazing pics from the room.



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Eva is moving to Florida – Party

Yesterday was the moving party of Eva and we created a garland, some signs, water bottle wrappers, cut outs and super funny “Florida” photo booth props. The theme was obviously moving and Florida.


It was a “no fuzz” party and other than the printouts, only material on hand like bubble wrap, boxes and other moving materials were used as decoration. They served pizza and drinks and kept it casual.

I love, how the photo booth props came out. Eva wanted to have “cartoonish” looking Florida props. Here a small preview. We have the props currently for sale in etsy. Here the direct link:

The props arrived last-minute, since the printing company didn’t have them ready until shortly before the party. Therefore we don’t have too many pictures right now. More to come soon…


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The Love Trees…

My sister-in-law just got married. For their honeymoon they went and still are in Antigua. Before that they made a 3 day stop in Miami and we had the chance to do something special for the newlyweds. Unfortunately we were not able to attend the wedding in Italy, but were really happy to spend some time with Daniela and Tiziano in Florida. As a special surprise we decorated the hotel room before the couple arrived. The love trees were some of the centerpieces in the room. I will post more pictures within the next days about the hotel room and the surprise itself.

 This is the smallest of the trees that I had outside in my garden today while my kids were busy on the play set. I was able to take a couple of shots before I was called over to the action again. It was a beautiful and sunny Presidents Day today and we had a lot of fun.

Before I forget, there is also a post about the moving party of Eva coming soon! And much more 🙂

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The sweepstake has started!


I just wanted to let everybody know that the sweepstake has started. You can go to our facebook page under promos or like the Party Event right on our page. Here is the facebook link:

Good luck to eveybody!

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Sweepstake flyer

Here the official sweepstake flyer:

2 more days…

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More information about our Dinner d’Amore Sweekstake…

I recently designed the special Valentine’s Menu for Bellini Italian Bistro on Ocean Drive in Miami Beach.

Around the same time, we decided it was the perfect timing to have our first sweepstake. I already gave a small teaser yesterday..

The Valentine’s Day Dinner d’Amore Sweepstake is the chance for all fans of the Party Event to win a romantic dinner at Bellini Italian Bistro on Ocean Drive (for official rules, see terms and condition, which will be posted soon).

Starting February 13th, the sweepstake will be listed on our Facebook page under promos, which I will link later.  If you are not a fan yet, you can like us on the right bottom corner or on The Party Event Facebook page.

Sweepstake begins on February 13th, 2012 and ends on February 24th, 2012

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Our first sweepstake coming up…..

We are excited to announce our first sweepstake! Here a little teaser, more information coming soon!

Check back tomorrow…

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T-Shirt Art

From early on, my sister and I have been really creative. From making wrapping paper for Christmas gifts to working in our “factory”, we have collaborated on many projects together. But while I am a hands-on crafter and baker,  she is definitely the painter. No matter how small the canvas (I need to make a separate post about her fingernails), she can transform it in something unique and beautiful. Eva has always been a talented artist and even won a few awards.

She started to paint on T-Shirts with her friends in early 2011, because regular iron on designs would peel off or fade drastically after a few washes.  They went to buy fabric paint, plain T-Shirts and a couple other supplies. Her girlfriends had already ideas in mind for some of the T-Shirt designs and it quickly became a monthly get-together. Eva would take the suggestions and paint and embellish the Shirts. Since they turned out to be a success, they were gifted frequently. I made a collage to share some of the designs.

 When we were planing the Yoshi Party for Luca, Eva offered to make personalized “Yoshi”  T-Shirts for both of my boys. This was such a cool feature and Luca loved wearing it. Right now we are thinking of incorporating personalized T-Shirts as an added feature to our birthday package.

The Birthday Boy with his T-Shirt


The little brother as support with his T-Shirt…


And together… Thanks for the great T-Shirts, Eva!


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Valentine craft for kids – A long distance hug – a beautiful present for someone special – DIY

I really wanted to wait with this post, since we made this “long distance hug” for some special people in our family. But until the packages will arrive in Germany, Valentine’s Day might be over and this is such a special gift that I must share with you. I already made this craft with Luca a couple of years ago, when my parents lived far away from us. My Mum was very touched and has kept his hands and “the hug” until today. I know it hangs in a special place in her kitchen.

OMA, KAISEROMA + OPA, HEIDI UND LENI NICHT WEITER LESEN! (Just a little warning to stop reading, if the present is for you 🙂 )

You need construction paper (preferable pink or red), a pretty ribbon, scissors, a hole punch, tape and the special note (I will post at the end of the post)


Step 1: Trace both hand prints on construction paper

Step 2: Cut out the hand prints and make a hole

Step 3: Measure the arm span of your child and cut the ribbon in the same lengths

Step 4: Tie the hands onto the ends of the ribbon (I like to enforce the paper with tape, that it will not rip) or glue them together.

Step 5: Print out my note or handwrite the following note on a piece of paper (mine is in German):

A valentine hug to you…

Wrap these hands around you whenever I am not there, so you can have a hug from me anytime.

Optional step 6: The hug itself is pretty awesome already, but I also like to cut out small hearts, make a hole and tie them with extra ribbon onto the string or simple glue them like I did.


This is a hug I like to receive any time.


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Kings and Queens of Miami – DIY project crowns and the beautiful Rhine with the castles

Last week I volunteered in the school of Luca to talk about Germany. Since I grew up in the region of the middle Rhine close to Mainz and Bingen, the Rhine has a special place in my heart. I love the romantic scenery with the castles and hills full of vines. When I was in school, I was sitting next to a window with the most amazing view of the river and a ruin (Burg Ehrenfels) on the other side.

My best friend and I dreamed about going there with our princes for hours. I did return to Germany with my king and my two little princes last August, but it is still on my bucket list to hike up to Burg Ehrenfels one day. We visited Bacharach (a small and charming town with the oldest house from 1338) the Loreley rock and two other castles and we all loved it. It still looks, smells and feels the same way as I remember it, since my family and I visited almost all of the castles during my childhood. This was a fun Sunday excursion. Luca was somehow disappointed that we kept missing the princess, but nevertheless he had a lot of fun rescuing us from the bad knight and other evil creatures.





But back to the school presentation…

So it was very important for me to talk about the Rhine and its beautiful castles in my Germany presentation and as a highlight we made these adorable crowns and ate pretzels and German chocolate in the end. I will post the template at the end of the post. Just download, enlarge and print it. (or just cut it free handed, like it did) All the children liked the crowns and suddenly the room was filled with Arielles, lion kings, princesses and princes, kings and queens, knights, super heroes and other favorite children characters. We had a lot of fun decorating the pre-cut crowns with diamonds and palettes, but other fun things could be glitter, pearls, buttons, stickers, paper snippets or whatever you have at home. As long as the crowns sparkle somehow, the project will be a success. I left before the crowns were dry. To make them fit, the teachers stapled the two ends of the crowns onto a small stripe of paper. I did not take any pictures and was so happy when I received this cool pic from the class. It is an easy and fast project, plus makes everybody smile.

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