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80s photo booth props – one of my favorite set of props so far

80s cover

I was just looking through the overview of all of the photo props on the right side of our blog and I noticed that the 80s props were missing. This was a custom order a while back ago. And they became one of my most favorite set. We got really dressed up and even rocked 80s hairstyles. It was such a blast. If you want to go back in time and celebrate 80s style, the props are for you. Available in our etsy store and soon on our website.

Are you interested in custom photo booth props? Just contact us for more information. Thanks, Ina

80s collage4 80s collage3 80s collage2 80s collage1

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Fiesta, Fiesta, Fiesta – new photo props for Cinco de Mayo or a Mexican Fiesta Celebration



Last year, we did not get the chance to make Cinco de Mayo photo props, so I am double as excited that we got them now. These props are super spicy and perfect for any Mexican Fiesta or celebration.

Like our last two photo shoots, this one was a challenging one. The sun constantly changed and so did the lighting.  Still I really like how the picture collages came out

Every day is a good day for a Fiesta in our life. I hope in yours too…





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Our Easter photo booth props got a facelift too… I can’t wait to use them at our egg hunt


Yeah, I am really excited about Easter. We will have our 3rd anual Easter egg hunt and this year it will be all about little, cute Easter chicks. I wanted to create a chicklet photo booth set, but we rather updated our original Easter photo booth set and it came out fantastic. With all the eggs and our cute chick, it is almost the set I wanted anyways. Check out the carrot party from last year:

Let’s hope it doesn’t rain this year 🙂

easter props 4updated

easter props 3updated

easter props 2updated

easter props 1updated

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