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Luca and I are making hot dog/spaghetti Octopi


Since the party last weekend was a BBQ with burgers and hot dogs, we still had some hot dog sausages left. I wanted to do something fun, since Luca loves to help in the kitchen. He wanted to make a sausage cake. Yum… maybe next time. Alternatively we made octopi with pasta arms.

One of the kids favorite TV channels is sprout. Chica and Liz made these recently and we wanted to try them too. It was a lot of fun and a project that is perfect for a preschooler. It is not too difficult and can be done almost all by themselves. The spaghetti breaks easily, but Luca was really careful and managed to make them without my help. He was really proud and loved his lunch. (which is not always the case). The 7-8 minutes might be hard, but we cooked the pasta in two batches… He was counting the seconds on the timer, but the wait was worth it because he was allowed to eat his Octopus with his fingers. Double yummi factor for that…

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Arrrrrrrrrrr! Pirate photo booth props


Last, but not least (for today) the Pirate Props!

This was such a fun photo prop session, because we really had to dress up and put much more make up than normally. Like the other props, I wished I could have posted them earlier, but there was no time.

I have to say, these are one of my favorite props so far with the best backdrop yet. I still had the first Halloween Costume of Luca (finally a reason why I stored it in the garage for 3 years  🙂 ) which was perfect for the backdrop.  Some gold coins, a net and other pirate accessory made this backdrop really stand out. I have to think about something really special to top this for our next shoot (which I don’t know what it will be yet nor do I know when my sister will be well enough to be up for it….) I hope it won’t be too long, but next I will work on getting the pictures of the USA party ready to post….

But for tonight Yo Ho Ho, Fair winds! (which means goodbye)

oh, yes and the pirate props are for sale here:

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check out our new board on pinterest

I just added a direct link on top of the blog to get to our photo booth prop board on pinterest. Here one more time the direct link:

There are many ideas of photo booth props that are yet to come, but I am always open for ideas or suggestions.. Just send an e-mail to

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movie photo booth props for a movie night, Oscar bash, Hollywood party or movie birthday party

At the same time we published the beach props, we also created two more sets: pirate and movie night props… I tried to squeeze time in there to have them published before the USA party, but it was impossible. There were just not enough hours in the day. So now, I was concentrating only on these props to have them up and running asap and they are finally ready….

Let me present to you the movie props, which would be perfect for any kind of movie themed party… No matter, if you are watching the Oscars, your favorite movie on a rainy day, have a Hollywood bash or movie inspired birthday party. I could think about tons of occasions to use them. For example an outdoor cinema birthday party which is coming up soon 🙂

They  are available on etsy:

Just let me know, if you want them cut out, assembled and ready to go. I will e-mail you prices and more information.


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good and bad

Since my last post about the beach props a lot of stuff happened – good and bad…

After my husband became US Citizen, we had an amazing USA party over Memorial weekend. We were preparing for this event for a while and I already talked about it several times before.

but on Friday before the party on her way back from my house, my sister had a terrible car accident. A drunk driver hit her car while driving through a red light. She was hit pretty bad and her car was destroyed completely and cannot be repaired. The driver of the other car fled the scene, but thanks to some brave witnesses was caught again. The police told us, she was lucky to be alive, because a split second later, it would have looked different. I am also grateful, because I love her a lot and I couldn’t stand the thought of losing her. But I am also angry that this still happens every day where drunk people drive and injure or kill others….  When it happens to you, you are in shock and cannot believe it. Thankfully she is alive…. But she is not fine, because of serious pain in her body everywhere, bruising and swelling and also the emotional pain. She cannot work right now. It makes it really difficult. It hurts me to see her, but we are taking extra special care of her right now.

This accident put a big damper on all the final preparations of the party and I was contemplating to cancel it. But Chris and I decided to do it anyways and I am happy we did…. It was nice and there were many happy moments. Since I had to finish the last preparations by myself,  some of my plans changed last-minute and not everything we had worked on was finished or was used for the party, but in the end it turned out fine…

Before the party we also took pictures of 2 sets of photo props: Pirates and movie night…. I did not have any time to do anything that was not USA related before the party, so I finally got to the sets now. I will post the pics shortly….

I am also  working on the pics for the party. Hope to have them up soon too…. It’s a lot and since I am by myself it will take a little longer…. But eventually everything will be up and running. Check back soon…

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beach props, baby….

3 days ago, we received our first official request for photo props. That was great! We do appreciate each and every feedback we get. If you are interested in specific props, just send us an e-mail or leave a comment.

This request was for beach photo booth props. It was requested and voila (in record time for us) here it is:

it was such a fun theme, that we couldn’t stop working on it. We shot the pictures today and were really lucky. I really thought we could not do it, because the weather was terrible. Rain, rain, rain…..

We wanted to take the pictures at the beach of course, but it didn’t look possible with this sky:

We still took a chance and it paid off. We found a small part of the beach with no rain. It was pouring north and south of us and you could feel the thunderstorm getting closer. Since there wasn’t a lot of time, I parked right at the beach next to a sign that said “no parking” …. ups 😦

I really thought we would do the shoot and be back in the car quickly… nobody would notice… WRONG! Not even half through the photo shoot, a police car stopped. I ran to the officer and tried to explain the situation….

Of course I had to repark immediately, but thankfully did not get a ticket… Lesson learned… What an adventure…

We were still lucky, because the rain stayed away until we were finished with the shoot. As soon as we got inside the car, which was a couple blocks away it started to pour and didn’t stop. Here are our favorite shots. The props will be available on etsy:

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Are you “crazy in love”? Engagement or wedding photo booth props – finally the pics…

Not long ago, I wrote a post about the latest wedding props. You can read it here:

In the meantime, we did take the pictures and they are also uploaded on the etsy store. Here is the latest batch of wedding/engagment pictures:

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Roaaaaaaaaaarrrrrrrrrr, tiger hats for a jungle party


Luca really enjoyed the tiger hats and immediately started posing and behaving like a tiger. It is so funny what a party accessory like a hat can do! Of course, he also liked the face paint ( like us, when we get ready for photo props 🙂 )….

We were playing tiger and animals all day and in my opinion that means the hats were a success. Now I want to plan a jungle themed birthday party. If you are interested in the hats, you can buy them in our etsy store:

Coordinating party decorations will make the party tigerific! Favor boxes and tags, cupcake topper and food labels, pinatas big and small, photo props, custom banners and much more available. Just send us an e-mail for a list with more information and prices.


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An intimate lakeside wedding in autumn

While I love talking about current events and things we are working on at the moment, I also want to feature some events, crafts and projects we did before this blog. (check out the about us section, we already have over 25 years experience 😉 )

This is one of my favorite celebrations we ever did. It was the wedding of Eva and Tommaso on a lake in South Carolina in the fall. Ahhhhhhhh…..

The weather was perfect, the setting stunning and it was a perfect day to remember. Of course we did almost all preparation and crafts ourself (except the cake and the bouquet)…

We had already so much fun preparing for the wedding and one of my favorite memories is making the moss balls and moss letters in one of the nights before the wedding outside. It was cold, but the fireplace in the “shack” another word was working and both of our husbands (one future husband) were helping and we kept laughing about everything and it was getting later and later…

They day was perfect…


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Are you “crazy in love”? Engagement or wedding photo booth props

In addition to the USA props, we also worked on another set of wedding photo booth props. Our “crazy in love” collection! It is pretty and perfect for a wedding or engagement party.

Unfortunately yesterday wasn’t our best day. We got everything ready and set, when it started to rain… all of a sudden the sky became really dark and it was impossible to take the pictures in our usual spot. We still didn’t want to give up and had a photo shoot on the veranda, but none of the shots worked. Either too dark, blurry… and definitely not crazy in love….

Today the sun was back and I took a nice shot of the collection. Can’t wait to do the shoot with my sister…. UPDATE: Pictures are done, check them out here:

They are available in our etsy store:

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