Photo Props Monday: Happy Cinco de Mayo


No time to siesta, it’s a fiesta. Cinco de Mayo is an annual celebration held on May 5. It has evolved into a commemoration of Mexican culture and heritage and we are happy to celebrate it. Our photo booth props are fun party decoration as well as a great party game/activities/photo opportunity.

They are available on etsy as printable and ready made photo booth props:


If you are a soccer fan, you might like our Mexico soccer photo booth props:

mexico soccer

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Carrot Invitations for your Easter party and Egg Hunt….


Easter is coming and you are invited. We created these carrot invitations for our carrot party several years ago and I still love them so much.

An invitation is the first glimpse of a party and teases the guests. When designing an invitation, we like to make it unique and interesting and these carrot invitations are exactly that. If you are intrigued, check out the recap of our Carrot Easter party.¬† (My favorite was the carrot patch….)


We are also selling the invitations on etsy:


We can customize the inside of the invitation or the labels. They are also perfect carrot favor boxes and could be filled with jelly beans and other little surprises. And I think my kids will find a carrot with a surprise in their Easter Basket this year…..


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Candy Candy Candy



It’s the year of candy for us…. Let me explain. Every year we have a different Christmas theme. Wait what, why are we already talking about Christmas you might ask yourself. In the past we had different colors and themes like beach, forest, Harry Potter, damask black and white etc…. Last year’s Christmas was a magical forest and for the first time we had a little reveal for the family for this years theme. It was a little box filled with candy and a message announcing “Candy Christmas”.


Because candy is such a fun theme that could be used all year around, we will also have a candy themed birthday party for Olivia in June…. and how about a candy Valentines?We have already been dreaming up some amazing candy creations and parties and can’t wait to share more throughout the year. My sister finished drawing some delicious candy which will be incorporated into the candy designs for the parties. Here are the different steps of one of her unedited drawings:



We will share lots of sweetness throughout the year. Like our paper clay candy which might be transformed into a Christmas tree garland or table decoration. If you want to sweeten your own party, we included the different steps on how to make the candy.


We used our beginner paper clay recipe which is basically only paper and glue. You can find the recipe on how to make the paper clay for all kinds of fun projects here:


To make the balls, you also need a measuring spoon (we used 1 TBSP), different paints, clear foil and hot glue.





It will be a sweet year ūüôā

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Elegant “French Chic” wedding Photo Booth Props in blue and lace perfect for your unforgettable day and the wedding of your dreams


A while back, I announced that our goal for 2013 was to continue to expand our selection of photo booth prop sets, but also work more on complete party sets. This is the first for four weddings sets, we have planned for 2013. The elegant French Chic in blue and lace…

Coming up soon will be also romantic pink roses, rustic country burlap and classic shabby chic… Of course we will also have matching photo booth prop sets for each theme. We actually start with the¬†photo props and design¬†matching garlands, cupcake toppers and wrappers, invitations,¬†food tags, party hats and a lot more fun party stuff…

The Photo Prop sets usually have from 16 to 18 photo booth props, but because a wedding is such a special event, we decided to make these sets larger and have around 28 props in each set! It is so elegant, so chic and I am really happy how it turned out. Here is the listing for the printable props:

The props are also available as ready made set. Please contact us for more information and prices.

blueweddingcollage3 blueweddingcollage2 blueweddingcollage1 blueweddingcollage4

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Graduation and Prom Photo Booth Props – personalized with your school colors – perfect for any highschool senior celebration


Directly after the Top Gun special order, we received a request for a graduation/ prom set. Again, something so different… Because graduation and prom are separate events, we decided to have two separate photo shoots with different backgrounds and costumes. I love the blue/purple big and puffy prom dress, it was huge… (to see the full glory of this dress, scroll down to the end of the post)

If you like to have us design props for you, please contact us at for prices and more information….

Available here:

graduationcollage4 graduationcollage3 graduationcollage2 graduationcollage1

And here comes the promised blue dress in all its glory and puffiness:


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“Top Gun” inspired Fighter Pilot/Navy photo booth props – perfect for your movie themed party or navy themed bash

I am a little behind on blog posts, because we were preparing the last couple weeks for a French Chic wedding table, which came out beautiful…. The Top Gun inspired prop set was a custom order we received a few weeks back. My sister and I both loved the theme, because it was so different than¬†the previous shoots. We actually found Navy suits in a thrift store, which couldn’t have been more perfect. The shoot was awesome!


As preparation, we watched the movie. (I love our jobs ūüôā ) and instantly had tons of ideas. Together with the ideas of the client, this set came together super fast. Eva made the background and we transferred into Fighter Pilots. The props are available on etsy:

Here are more pictures:

topguncollage4 topguncollage3 topguncollage2 top guncollage1

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Princess/Castle Photo Booth Props perfect for a royal princess celebration, but also made for a queen


Lately, we are just posting new props. I want to post some of the crafts we did with my kids¬†or any of our other new stuff, including the upcoming Easter Egg Hunt, but somehow we are getting more custom orders than usually (which is great) and are really busy making new sets of photo props. I will really try my best to post any other posts not about props soon, but on the other hand I need to share our latest creations, which are one of the best sets yet and I am so proud how they came out. It was also a custom order and we really wanted to make¬†it extra spectacular, because it’s for Princesses!!!!! We even started to play with glitter and the glittered version is even more fantastic. I could go on and on, but let me¬†show you the pictures…

 princesscollage4 princesscollage3 princesscollage2 princesscollage1

My sister made the castle, which we used for some pictures. This was kind of the cherry on the cake, because it looks like we are in a tower. I love, love, love, how the finished props looked. They are available on etsy. We are planning to sell the castle background too, just contact us for more information at

Here are some props from the glitter version:

princessglittercollage princessglittercollage2 princessglittercollage3

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Our first set of Valentine’s Day Photo Booth Props are ready… so much love, lot’s of hearts, plenty of tulle and PINK


We will also have a candy valentine’s set coming soon that looks delicious. But first about this set. Last year, we decorated a table for a Valentine’s party with lots of small tissue¬†paper balls. It looked awesome. Because we still had¬†many different shades of pink¬†tulle from my last birthday party, we used the same method¬†to make the tulle balls and created small garlands for our backdrop. I will¬†have¬†a DIY post about the garlands soon and we will also sell some¬†in our etsy store. It’s a fun project and will be beautiful for any girl party, especially for little princesses.

I am super excited about one of our upcoming shoots. If you like this set,¬†you might be happy to hear,¬†there will be more. We will have an entire party¬†going along with our photo props. All about love… all about hearts… but it’s not just for Valentine’s Day, anything “Love” related really. It will include a banner, garland, signs, cupcake topper, wrappers and much more. I can’t wait to share… And this package will be available in printable or all ready as a party in a box. Did I mention, how excited I am… the party should be featured on the blog and our Facebook page by the end of January. For now, you can get the Valentine’s Day photo booth props here:


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All you need is props, lalalaaaaaaaa – “Beatles” inspired photo booth props


We recently got an inquiry for Beatles inspired photo booth props. So we made some music and came up with these awsome music props.

beatlescollage3beatles collage4beatlescollage1beatlescollage2

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Happy New Year Photo Booth Props perfect for your New Year’s Eve Celebration



We are always a little ahead posting about upcoming holidays, but because 2013 is not too far away, I wanted to share the pictures of our latest photo booth props. (Really we are already¬†thinking about¬†Valentine’s Day, hahaha). We got to dress up again for these props and while Eva was a golden goddess, I rocked the silver… It was awesome. Also this post comes at a good time for us, because the blog will turn¬†one year old tomorrow. What a year it has been… And because there is so much stuff planned for 2013 and next year, the props kind of fit… Happy 2013¬†a little early…. And now let’s enjoy what is left of 2012!

Available on etsy:

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