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A bucket list update… no, actually it’s a wrap… goodbye summer… hello fall

We had a lot of fun with our summer bucket list and were crossing off things left and right…. but we didn’t do all… which is kind of ok. I am happy with the things we did (a lot of stuff wasn’t even on there) and the day just has a certain amount of hours. ( I need to clone myself to do all the things I want to do) 😉 Also we have  already a start for next year ) Unfortunately I was also  too busy posting about everything…. I could do at least 5 posts, but let me see what I can fit in here to wrap up the summer bucket list 2012. I will still write some “how to” posts in the future and link them back, but this is the official end of summer – school is back on – and my last official post about it 😦 ok, I am also sad about it…. at the same time I am super excited about the fall, the upcoming holidays, the birthdays of my boys and all the new exciting things we have planned. No time for sadness…. here are some of the things we did this summer:

Played in the yard

Visited the Miami Children Museum

Had a picknick in the park and played some soccer

Build a tent in the living room on a rainy day

Stamp summer flowers with potatoes

Visited the butterfly museum

Thanks for stopping by… I hope you liked our adventures as much we did….

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making homemade ziplock ice cream or frozen yoghurt

A week ago, we made ice cream in a ziplock bag. It was a lot of fun and is very easy.

You need:

1 large ziplock bag (gallon)    

1 small ziplock bag (pint)

2 tablespoons sugar 

1/2 cup half and half plus 1/2 cup heavy cream or 1 cup yoghurt  

1/2 teaspoon almond extract   

1/2 cup rock salt   

ice cubes                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                         

lots of different toppings 

(we used m&ms, mini marshmallows,crumbled brownies, chocolate morsels, almonds and different kind of sprinkles) 

 After the ice cream, Luca suggest to make cupcakes (seriously!!!!???) We had a lot of leftover toppings, so I let him make his own cupcakes. I gave him a couple more ingredients like cherios, other themed sprinkles and toppings I had in the house, as well as a cupcake pan and cupcake liners and he started to mix and bake…. It was a nice way to entertain him a little longer…. Giorgio did not care for any more sugar and had left the table after his ice cream…

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Photo Scavenger Hunt and Color Palette Nature Bike Ride from the bucket list….

The Photo Scavenger Hunt with the kids was awesome. I prepared a template with 10 different things that Luca had to find. Once we found something, we took a picture with him and crossed it off the list. Most of the things very pretty easy to find, but it took us a little to find the feather and the berries. It was a lot of fun… Instead of walking, Luca took his bicycle and Giorgio was driving in his green car. We tried to convince him to do the pics without the helmet, but he was too busy and didn’t have time….

If you want to have the free template, just like us on facebook and send me a note:!/pages/The-Party-Event/214030765333830


A week later shortly before our family bike ride, I decided it was the perfect day for the color palette nature walk/ bike ride. Because I hadn’t really prepared anything, I quickly cut out some color samples (from home depot – somehow we always take some extra) and glued them on a cardboard piece. With a marker, I drew some squares and that’s all I had time for…. I wasn’t really pleased how it looked, but Luca loved it. He doesn’t care as long as we play as many games as possible. In the end, it worked out fine and was nice and sturdy for the bike ride.

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water balloon activities and planting a garden – more bucket list fun stuff

I am working on posting the updates for the bucket list, while still having fun in the sun and getting the work done too. Because the water balloon fun just happened this morning, my goal was to post it right away today. It wasn’t really a water balloon fight, which was actually good. We came up with some fun ideas and went through tons of water balloons. The first tub with balloons was empty before we could count to ten. We had to think about some good ideas to make them last longer….

The first activity was to try to destroy the balloon with a plastic knife, which is not as easy as they thought:

They decided pretty quick to just throw them in the grass and the balloons broke right away. This is a very fast way for the balloons to disappear.

Next we tried to throw and catch them to each other without breaking the balloon. The next activity was to throw the balloon in the air and catch it again. We also tried to throw them through a basket ball net… The most fun for them was the game to follow our commands without dropping the balloon and plain old smashing…
(hold the balloon with one hand – stand on one leg – hold it over the head – manoeuver it through the legs – run to the tree and back …. ).

Even with the games, the balloon fun was over way too fast… and left was an empty tub…

And this was already a while back. Luca helped me plant some tomato plants as well as rosemary for our herb garden:

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two different shell crafts – decorated frames and pots – pet shells

1. Ocean picture frames and ceramic pots

Last summer we went to Germany to the wedding of my uncle and saw a lot of family members. It was a wonderful trip and we wanted to have a little gift from Luca (and baby Giorgio) that came from the heart. I also wanted to make something that would be pretty enough to actually use ( i guess not everybody is into kids drawings). Because the beach is not far from our house, I came up with the idea to use sand, shells and the ocean as the theme. We made decorated frames and painted ceramic pots. I think the gifts were awesome coming from a 3-year-old and would be a great craft to make after a vacation.

 You need:

wooden frames (we got ours at Michaels for $1) or ceramic pots, blue paint, paint brush, shells, sand and glue


Luca did almost the entire project by himself. We went to the beach and he collected the shells and sand (we used a ziplock bag). When we came home, he painted the frames and ceramic pots and we let them dry. The next day, we finished the project. Instead of giving him the glue bottle, I let him paint the glue with the paintbrush on the frame and pots. He dipped the pots in a container filled with sand and poured it over the frames. This was the most fun for him and I helped to shake it off to control the “sand damage”.  I let him place the shells on the frame and glued them exactly where he put them with hot glue from the glue gun. The frames looked amazing. And of course, we used a picture of both brothers to make the present complete. Luca told me where to glue the shells for the pots and ready were some really cool presents.

2. “Bucket list” pet shells and some pet rocks too…

Another craft from the bucket list… The pet shells or in our case shell monsters are adorable. This is an easy craft which entertained my kids an entire afternoon. We first painted the shells  (we had already painted the rocks before), embellished them with eyes, diamonds, paillettes and pearls, let them dry and the kids played with the monsters for hours. Since it was raining all day, it was the perfect entertainment.

You need:

Paint, paint brush, shells, embellishments (plastic eyes, stickers, beads and whatever you can find in the house)

I mean for these, there are really no instructions necessary 🙂 I let them paint first and made  a pink shell monster/pet myself. We washed the hands, ate a snack and started embellishing. Last week, we had also painted some rocks, which made the second part even better, because we could make more monsters. But Luca preferred the shells, because the surface was much smoother! Shortly after we got our first pet shells… After some drying time, Luca and Giorgio both played with the monsters and had a “pretend party” – which is the favorite game at the moment.

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Beach, beach, beach……. update to the summer bucket list 2012

I love the beach…..

Even though it still rained a lot in the last couple of months, we spent as many times as possible on the beach. Luca also loves every bit of it.  For Giorgio, it depends on the day…

We built sand castles, collected tons of shells, rolled in the sand, ran free, were too tired to carry home all the toys, watched sunsets, observed sea life, got sun cream and salt water in our eyes, ate sand crusted sandwiches and peaches, got the perfect tan, grilled in the park next to the beach, chased birds and spent hours in the water. Yup, this is our beach summer… and I really enjoy it…. We even spent part of my birthday on the beach… it was perfect

We collected shells:

We built the best sandcastle in the whole world at least three times according to Luca:

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Nutella Croissants inspired by Pinterest

I love Pinterest…. on so many levels….

One of my boards on Pinterest  is called Yummi, because there are plenty of delicious looking recipes I would like to try one day.

Today was the day for a Nutella recipe. Whenever Luca is hungry, he will ask for a Nutella sandwich. When I asked him, what he wanted for breakfast this morning, I got a big smile. Maybe we could make something with Nutella?  He imediately pushed a chair into the kitchen to help me right away (before I changed my mind). I usually don’t use store-bought dough, but because I pinned a couple of recipes that required it, I had Pillsbury crescent rolls in my fridge.  


We just unrolled the dough (keep two triangles together to form a square), rolled them out a tiny bit and scooped one teaspoon (or more, Luca was generous) at a time onto the upper half of the dough. Out of each square, we got three croissants.  Luca folded the lower part onto the Nutella and I pressed the dough down to make little cushions. (We also tried raspberry marmalade instead of Nutella and both versions taste really good) I cut the dough in the pieces and secured the rim (pressing a fork on the rim to glue the dough together). We baked the croissants at 375 degrees Fahrenheit for 12 minutes, sprinkled powdered sugar over the tops and ate them almost all. 

Now what are we doing for lunch???

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Summer bucket list – family bike tour

I am super happy that the weather was good yesterday afternoon and we could do the bicycle tour. This was one of my favorite things from the bucket list and I want to do many more this summer. I actually want to do the nature hunt on the bicycles too. 

We stopped at the playground and stayed more than an hour, but Chris and I were still the only tired bikers, when we came home. It was the perfect afternoon… Here are some of my favorite pics : 

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Summer Bucket List for my kids

Luca’s first year in preschool is over. I cannot believe how fast time went by. Between children birthday parties, holidays and lots of fun stuff in between, the school year is over. We had several different options for summer camps, but decided to wait and have him go a little later in summer. It makes working for me definitely more difficult, but we also have lots of fun and his little brother became his shadow. They play, fight, play, fight each and every day, but I enjoy watching them bond. Of course I need to have plenty of entertainment for both, so we sat together and created our own summer bucket list for this year. Luca comes up with crazy stuff. Not all of his requests are included… sorry, buddy. I also tried to have everything “Giorgio-friendly” (most of the activities at least). It is important to me to include both of them, by the way one is 4 1/2 and the other one almost 2 years old. I am late posting about this, because we have already started. I am planing to take pictures of the activities as we go and post them (with instructions) on the blog.

Because it has been raining constantly and every day, it reminds me of my summer break in Germany when I was in school. The big difference is that there were only 5 weeks vacation, but a lot of years it started to rain with the beginning of the break. Shortly before school was over,  it was hot and sticky in the classrooms and everybody was dreaming about going to the community swimming pools…

Today I can smile about it, but we have a lot of outdoor activities planned, so hopefully we will have plenty of sunshine again soon.

Here is our ambitious summer bucket list for 2012:

– go to the beach a lot of times                                                                           

roadtrip to visit grandparents

– have fun in the swimming pool

– try geocoaching

– have a picnic in the park

– go to the children museum

– (Luca wants to go to the cinema – depending on the rain)

– pick berries at u pick farm (just researched it and all the strawberry farms in South Florida are already closed. Let’s see what we can do)

– photo scavenger hunt                                                                                             

– make a bicycle tour with entire family –                                           

– go on a color palette nature walk                                                                                                            

– nature walk summer funny faces

– fly a kite

go to a museum or other park

– plant tomatoes and other gardening                                                                   

– build a sand castle                                                                                                      

– start a shell collection                                                                                                                     

– make pet shells and pet rocks                                                                           

build a tent in the living room on a rainy day

– have an Italian Day

– have a German Day

– make clothes line tent

– have a teddy bear picnic

– make fizzing sidewalk paint

– have an ice party – freeze toys in ice – color ice – eat ice cream

– make pet rocks                                                                                                                 

– stamp summer flowers with potatoes

– build a boat or raft and let it float

– make a hand made birthday gift for the aunt

– water balloon craft

– sand craft at home – color sand

– make a giant finger and foot outdoor painting (we combined it with a splash painting and a water/ clean-up fight)

– make a bubble painting

– make ziplock ice cream                                                                                      

– make popsicles

– make smores

– make frozen raspberry lemonade

– make homemade pasta for Italian day

– make German pancakes or pretzels for German Day

– (Luca wants to bake cookies) – not sure yet which ones

– try a new fruit

– do a scavenger hunt

– have a water balloon fight                                                                               

– see an outdoor movie

– play in our yard (they just played pirate ship on the swing set)

– get a summer hair cut

I have a couple more things for the “arts and crafts” section planned, but wanted to get this list posted before summer is over, 🙂

Thanks for being part of the summer bucket list party 2012.

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