Summer Bucket List for my kids

Luca’s first year in preschool is over. I cannot believe how fast time went by. Between children birthday parties, holidays and lots of fun stuff in between, the school year is over. We had several different options for summer camps, but decided to wait and have him go a little later in summer. It makes working for me definitely more difficult, but we also have lots of fun and his little brother became his shadow. They play, fight, play, fight each and every day, but I enjoy watching them bond. Of course I need to have plenty of entertainment for both, so we sat together and created our own summer bucket list for this year. Luca comes up with crazy stuff. Not all of his requests are included… sorry, buddy. I also tried to have everything “Giorgio-friendly” (most of the activities at least). It is important to me to include both of them, by the way one is 4 1/2 and the other one almost 2 years old. I am late posting about this, because we have already started. I am planing to take pictures of the activities as we go and post them (with instructions) on the blog.

Because it has been raining constantly and every day, it reminds me of my summer break in Germany when I was in school. The big difference is that there were only 5 weeks vacation, but a lot of years it started to rain with the beginning of the break. Shortly before school was over,  it was hot and sticky in the classrooms and everybody was dreaming about going to the community swimming pools…

Today I can smile about it, but we have a lot of outdoor activities planned, so hopefully we will have plenty of sunshine again soon.

Here is our ambitious summer bucket list for 2012:

– go to the beach a lot of times                                                                           

roadtrip to visit grandparents

– have fun in the swimming pool

– try geocoaching

– have a picnic in the park

– go to the children museum

– (Luca wants to go to the cinema – depending on the rain)

– pick berries at u pick farm (just researched it and all the strawberry farms in South Florida are already closed. Let’s see what we can do)

– photo scavenger hunt                                                                                             

– make a bicycle tour with entire family –                                           

– go on a color palette nature walk                                                                                                            

– nature walk summer funny faces

– fly a kite

go to a museum or other park

– plant tomatoes and other gardening                                                                   

– build a sand castle                                                                                                      

– start a shell collection                                                                                                                     

– make pet shells and pet rocks                                                                           

build a tent in the living room on a rainy day

– have an Italian Day

– have a German Day

– make clothes line tent

– have a teddy bear picnic

– make fizzing sidewalk paint

– have an ice party – freeze toys in ice – color ice – eat ice cream

– make pet rocks                                                                                                                 

– stamp summer flowers with potatoes

– build a boat or raft and let it float

– make a hand made birthday gift for the aunt

– water balloon craft

– sand craft at home – color sand

– make a giant finger and foot outdoor painting (we combined it with a splash painting and a water/ clean-up fight)

– make a bubble painting

– make ziplock ice cream                                                                                      

– make popsicles

– make smores

– make frozen raspberry lemonade

– make homemade pasta for Italian day

– make German pancakes or pretzels for German Day

– (Luca wants to bake cookies) – not sure yet which ones

– try a new fruit

– do a scavenger hunt

– have a water balloon fight                                                                               

– see an outdoor movie

– play in our yard (they just played pirate ship on the swing set)

– get a summer hair cut

I have a couple more things for the “arts and crafts” section planned, but wanted to get this list posted before summer is over, 🙂

Thanks for being part of the summer bucket list party 2012.

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