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Adventskalender Mania, everything you need to know about advent calendars or better: advent calendar craziness in our house – the story…


As children growing up in Germany we always had the traditional chocolate Adventskalender from December 1st to December 24th – Christmas Eve to count down the days until Christmas. Each day we opened a window in the calendar and got a Christmas themed chocolate bite (like a tree, a candle, a snowman etc.) and a corresponding small picture. My sister liked to open the windows in advance and eat as many chocolates as possible while I liked to save mine and waited a few days until I opened the windows all together. Even as teenagers, we still wanted to have a calendar and  I even bought myself calendars as an adult. This was and is a Christmas tradition, I would never want to miss. Over the years many new traditions were started in our family, but this post is about the craziness of the Adventskalender in our house.

When I met my husband, he didn’t know much about this tradition and had never received one of course. I had to make him one! I made 24 paper stars and filled them with little goodies before hanging them on a wall. Not the best picture, but the only one I have…

From the first year we met until today, he received a different Adventskalender every year and my skills have improved since then.  A couple of years later, he found an old-fashioned wooden advent calendar and surprised me with it. Since that year, I am getting one from him too. About two years after I made the first one for my husband, I surprised my sister and my parents with a miniature calendar made from matchboxes on Thanksgiving. 

matchbox calendar

From this year one, I made one for my sister and my sister made one for me (ok, we are at 4 calendars right now). My sister makes also one for her husband and he has one for her. There were years I made the calendar for my Mom, but this was only when there was extra time. (unfortunately not anymore). I do have two children and OF COURSE they get Adventskalender too!!!! The total count for this year, would be 7 calendar, which means 168 little windows or doors to fill. Ok, that sounds crazy, but in reality it is magical. All December is filled with little gifts, treasures, notes and special memories and we all love it. It is quite some work to get there, because we are making the Adventskalender ourselves and (to make it more challenging) we have a theme every year. It can be a color or a certain material, like one year the material was paper bags, another year we used gingerbread houses as an inspiration and had a sweet Christmas. I will make a separate post about this year. My sister and I already exchanged our calendars, but I am still working on the ones for the kids and my husband. Yes, it is late, but I will make it like every year…. it was much more difficult when Eva and I lived in separate states and we had to get the calendar to each other in time…


It is one thing to make the calendar, another much more difficult task to fill it…. My family got spoiled over the years and a simple chocolate calendar doesn’t work….  My husband is the most difficult, because he doesn’t like sweets and he wants to be surprised (meaning not the same kind of gift every day).

I am always trying to think about unique ideas for the calendar and we came up with pretty good filling ideas over the years, which included:

– scratch/lottery tickets – which my sister and I did both for our husbands one year – we did not win anything big  

– little love notes or poems (and one year “I love you” in 24 languages)

– pictures with memories from the past which make nice conversations close to a fireplace or Christmas tree

– beer – I made a calendar with beer bottles from all over the world

– DVDs – I went shopping on Black Friday and got really good prices for some blockbuster movies

– a striptease calendar with a twist (one picture each day with removing one item of clothes or accessories. The first picture will be like a snowman with layers of clothes, hat, jewelry etc. The idea is that the last picture would show all, but here comes the twist. On the last picture you hold up a large piece of paper or white foam board in front of you without exposing anything that says: Did you really think, I would be naked??? Merry Christmas… This was sooooooooooooo funny…

– an activity calendar – which has “Christmas inspired” things you want to do like bake cookies together, make a snowman, go ice skating, kiss under the mistletoe, drink hot chocolate, make Christmas cards – this should be combined with another idea or it can be really stressful to do everything on the list. I did it combined with love notes which made it very romantic.

– things your partner, sister or whoever you make the calendar for likes – this needs to have a budget for each day – soap, candles, candy, lip balm, chocolate, magnets, nail polish, fashion jewelry, figurines, christmas ornaments, toys, coloring & other projects or any other small gift – check for stocking stuffings to get small gifts

– a beauty calendar with all kinds of beauty related gifts or any other themed calendar

– a baby calendar (when I was pregnant with Luca, Eva made me a calendar with everything baby related)

– a story calendar which has Christmas stories or Christmas tradition from around the world


How did you fill your Advent calendar? Do you have any other unique ideas? Sound off in the comments below…

Come back next week for our Top 10 Adventskalender we have made throughout the year!

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Happy Birthday to THIS blog!!!!!!!!

I still cannot believe that it has been already a year. I started the blog, because of all the other blogs out there that had inspired me and now we are a year later and had about 15,000 views on this blog. Yes, it has been so much fun to write and I want to do more posts in the future, because I have lots more to share and I love it…  I hope I could also inspire some other people with some of our posts. I started with an Advent calendar – one cookie recipe for each day from December 1st until Christmas, which was the perfect start, but impossible to repeat. It was soooooooo much work…. I am looking forward to holiday baking together with my family and we already have planned a baking party with some friends, but not every day. I think I didn’t do anything else other than baking last year around Christmas time 🙂

We, meaning my sister and me, achieved some of our goals and created our own company – The Party Event. We are now doing what we love and are working hard to achieve more goals (lots are already set for next year). Somehow we really got into photo booth props and we are planning to make many more sets… But there are other things we are working on and I am happy to share them right here, once we are ready. I am really glad that we started the company, the blog and focus on things we like to do. It hasn’t been easy, but it is worth it to follow dreams… A blog was on my bucket list for a long time, but I was kind of intimidated. English is not my first language and I am certain there are mistakes in my posts. Also I was not sure, if anybody cared what I had to say… it turned out that there are people who love the same things that I do and they stop by from time to time. Plus it is kind of a diary (which I was never good at to write) and I enjoy going back myself and review what we have done and cannot believe how fast the time went by. I wish for the future (and for the birthday of the blog) that we get more followers, likes and some COMMENTS… I love comments and I am happy to reply to suggestions, comments or other bloggers out there. I want to build blog relationships, haha… and hopefully I can make some guest blogging on other blogs next year… I also would like to have a 100,000 views for the second birthday of this blog. As you can see, I have many more dreams, but I am working hard together with my sister to make them come true.

Happy 1st Birthday to The Party Event blog!!!! AUGURI!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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Happy New Year Photo Booth Props perfect for your New Year’s Eve Celebration



We are always a little ahead posting about upcoming holidays, but because 2013 is not too far away, I wanted to share the pictures of our latest photo booth props. (Really we are already thinking about Valentine’s Day, hahaha). We got to dress up again for these props and while Eva was a golden goddess, I rocked the silver… It was awesome. Also this post comes at a good time for us, because the blog will turn one year old tomorrow. What a year it has been… And because there is so much stuff planned for 2013 and next year, the props kind of fit… Happy 2013 a little early…. And now let’s enjoy what is left of 2012!

Available on etsy:

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Antarctic Penguin Photo Booth Props

I know I am writing this all the time, but we are so busy. I want to write about Adventskalender, Christmas traditions and so much more, but I only find the time to write post blogs about our photo booth props….

I love the Christmas season, the holidays in general, but we also have Luca’s birthday in the beginning of December and it can be quite stressful to try to plan everything at the same time. I wish we could stop the clock for a little while, so I can catch up. I still want to write about the monkey party from last month, but the days are flying by… (hopefully I can catch up by Valentine’s Day, hahaha)

We are in full planing mood for the Antarctic Penguin Party for Luca and I am happy that the photo booth props are made, the invitations are sent and we started to work on some of the details for the party. It will be awesome, but we are still far away… I will keep you updated. For now the Arctic Penguin photo booth props:

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one more holiday and Christmas inspired photo booth props set – meet Frosty the snowman and more icy props for the perfect Christmas party

ok, that was a long title… hahaha..

Finally the last Christmas set is out… it took us a while, because we are super busy and I want to start posting this week about so many exciting Christmas stuff, we are also planning a penguin party for Luca and the entire family was sick with a cold for a while. There is a lot going on… Did I mention Thanksgiving is around the corner. I love the holiday times, but our schedules are packed… by the way, the New Year photo booth set will come out soon too. I am so excited for all this stuff!

Happy Holidays…

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60s /sixties photo booth props for a Mad Men inspired office party

We recently got a request for a Mad Men inspired office party. I personally had never seen the show, so we had to do some research and came up with this awesome retro themed 60s photo booth props set. We are so proud how it came out and really tried to get into the characters with sixties inspired make up as well as some beehives. To quote my sister, ” we kind of have Halloween the entire year with our props”. I love that!      Available in our stores here:

We normally have our own hairstyles and make up secrets, but funny enough for this photo shoot, we looked very similar on some pictures. Let me introduce you to my twin sister of the day:

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Christmas Candy Cane Photo Booth Props



With Halloween over, we are starting right away with some Christmas fun…. The props were already made a while back and are already for sale in our etsy store for some time now, but I did not find the time to write about them in the blog… Recently I blogged about the other Christmas set, the ugly Christmas ties, which are really funny, so I am happy to give the candy cane photo booth props finally their place in the blogosphere!

We are planning on one more Christmas Set as well as a icy wintery penguin set, so in total we would have 5 winter themes (ugly Christmas ties, candy cane set, mountain – with gloves, scarves and outdoor fun, the other Christmas set and the penguin set). And there is sooooooooooooo much else I want to write about the Christmas time, because this is the biggest celebration throughout the year for us with tons of preparations, crafts, games, baking, family time, decoration, presents and so much more… I am getting excited to just write about it. I will start soon with the Adventskalender (advent calendar) for the boys, my husband and my sister and this alone deserves like three posts alone… I need to find extra blogging time (can’t wait to share). But first the candy cane pics, btw. you can buy them here:


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Happy Halloween from The Party Event


Yesterday we had the best time getting ready for trick or treating and Halloween fun. I love to dress the boys in the same theme (I still can without getting complaints), but this year we went out all the way with a castle theme. We not only included my husband and me, my sister and another friend were part of the group as well. We had a blast!!!!!

We had Luca the knight and Giorgio the dragon, I was the princess, my sister was the evil queen and my husband and our friend were two more knights. We looked really funny…. Of course getting ready was already a lot of fun, since this time it was the real thing. (We also got dressed up for Halloween photo shoots in August and I was sad to remove it right away) Lots of armour, a green dragon costume, glitter, rhinestones and some tulle later, we were ready for Trick or Treating. It was the first active Halloween for Giorgio and he got it right away. He was so happy holding his little bucket and getting candy. What a trooper, not one complaint! The knight got a little moody after a while, but nothing a sugar rush couldn’t fix. 🙂

After the kids part, we also went to Lincoln Road to be part of the Freak Show Halloween that South beach offers and met more friends…. It was a great evening, but today I am tired…

There was another important reason why this Halloween was really special, because we got a big order of  ready-made sets of Halloween photo booth props from a major restaurant on Ocean Drive in South Beach.

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