Guten Tag… Oktoberfest is almost here… and we have the German/Oktoberfest props for you


germany 4

Just 4 days to go until Oktoberfest 2019 begins in Munich, Germany. Just like many other places in the world, we do also have several Oktoberfest celebrations here in Florida and we are looking forward to them every year. In case you didn’t know, we were born and spend our childhood in Germany. We also talk German to each other and my kids are raised bilingual. We try to visit our Omas and other relatives in Germany as often as possible. We like to eat German food, watch German “Kinderstunde”, are German soccer fans, and keep German traditions alive (all year around, but especially around the Christmas time)

Aaaaaand we also have a German Dachshund,

Since we like to celebrate our heritage and we love to dress up, Octoberfest is the perfect combination. Last year was our first year owning actual Dirndls (bought in Germany)  making it extra “wunderbar”. Now we just need to learn how to dance the Schuhplattler and we are ready for the Oktoberfest this year. Here are some of our pictures from last year:




Several years ago, we had the chance to make German/Oktoberfest inspired photo booth props and it was one of the “funnest” sets we ever did. We came up with a list everything “German”. We pulled out everything German we could think off, including the deepest stereotypes, which are usually the funnest kind of photo booth props. And who doesn’t like to have a fork with a “Wurst” on it posing with the Neuchwannstein castle wearing Lederhosen. Photo props are meant to be silly… and that’s what we love about them. We are super proud of this set, because it has just the right mix of fun, culture and typical images of the country that we love and what the world imagines Germany to be. (even though there is so much more and we have enough ideas for a second set)

germany 1

The props are available as instant download to print and assemble yourself or as ready made photo booth props – ready to use at the Oktoberfest or any other German inspired party.  Here is the link to the printable file:

germany 2germany 3Germany coverDo you want more? We have another German set… Since we are big soccer fans and the soccer world cup is kind of a big deal, we made soccer photo booth props to support Germany and also made props for all the other countries participating in the 2018 FIFA world cup.

The German soccer photo booth props are available here:

Germany soccer 2

Germany soccer 3


How much fun would it be to combine these two sets? And they are also beautiful decoration for any Germany inspired party. If you have more questions or like more information about these sets or any of our other sets/decoration, just send us an email to
Germany soccer 1






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A paper clay doll – a wedding cake topper

We got the wedding fever over here, because Eva is getting married in less than a year. Ohhhhh, so exciting, but so much to do and because we are usually doing it all by ourselves, why not try making a wedding cake topper.

After researching wedding toppers, Eva realized that any custom toppers are over a hundred dollars and that is just too much, so she started to play around with our favorite paper clay recipe (her current obsession) that was featured on the blog in the beginning of the year.

This doll won’t be the actual wedding topper because it is still too rough around the arms and chest and need to be worked on just a little more. Also the actual wedding topper will be even more personalized possibly with an alligator or maybe a compound bow or some other passion. This doll became a princess and was adopted by Olivia, my 3 year old daughter.


This was only the second try and I can’t wait to see the future dolls. The first one was just clay and the facial features were too rough and she was a little lopsided. This time, Eva bought a small doll, which happened to be a mermaid from the dollar store, to use as the base. Since we only needed the actual skull and upper torso, Eva removed the hair, make up, arms and mermaid tail.




To shape the dress, Eva used aluminum foil and covered it in clay. She also made the hair out of clay and shaped new arms and flowers. The doll had to dry 7-10 days.


She tried to smooth the skin and shape the collar bones with a file but it didn’t work as expected and is still too rough. To mimic her own skin color, Eva mixed several colors. It turned out a little more orange. She colored the hair, the flowers, made a little necklace and of course most importantly drew her face back on. She used acrylic paint and nail polish to get some shine and glitter.



In the end, the doll came out very cute and Olli loves to play with her. Can’t wait to see what Eva comes up with next.

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Blue Baby Photo Booth Props…. Yes, one more Baby post – It’s a BOY



In the last couple of weeks, we showcased our pink and purple baby photo booth props.  Today for photo props Monday, we wanted to talk about one of the most popular colors BLUE…. It’s a BOY. But our photo props are also the perfect decoration for a baby shower or maybe a present like a diaper cake…. Come back on Wednesday for a beautiful present idea…..

We are selling our blue Baby photo booth props in etsy as printable or ready made props:

scroll down for our other sets in different colors….



Here are the purple props:



Here are the pink props:


Here is the yellow set:


This set is an updated version of our old baby photo booth props set in either pink, blue, yellow or green:

Green Props


We also offer a cute multicolor set with different props:


We do have pastel photo booth props here:


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Purple Baby Photo Booth Props…. We are still thinking all about Babies



Last week we showcased our pink baby photo booth props and next week we will feature the blue baby photo booth props. Today for photo props Monday, we wanted to talk about one of our favorite colors PURPLE…. After we had designed all the basic colors, we received a custom order for purple props and they came out perfect. It would look awesome to mix up purple with pink props or match the colors of the party.

We are selling our purple Baby photo booth props in etsy as printable or ready made props:

scroll down for our other sets in different colors….



Here are the blue props:


Here are the pink props:


Here is the yellow set:


This set is an updated version of our old baby photo booth props set in either pink, blue, yellow or green:

Green Baby props


We also offer a cute multicolor set with different props:


We do have pastel photo booth props here:


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Apple Rose Cakes perfect for Mother’s Day, a special birthday present or just because they look so pretty and are delicious too…


It’s crafty Friday and I thought today would be perfect to post this Throwback post from 2015 about the beautiful and delicious apple roses for Mother’s Day.  Here is the original post:


To make it extra cute, you need special helpers preferably in cowboy costumes….

You need:
2-3 apples – 1/2 lemon – marmalade/preserve of your choice (we tried apricot, peach and raspberry) – frozen (thawed) puff pastry sheet – corn starch or flour for rolling out dough – powder sugar for dusting

I like my kids to try things and be independent, but sometimes they need a little help like cutting an apple in half. After I cored the apples, my cowboy helped slicing the apples as finely as possible. Just like rose pedals, all the slices looked different and were different sizes. To get them evenly sliced, you could slice them yourself or use a Mandoline slicer.


We just used the perfect slices and put them in a bowl and ate the rest


We covered the apples with water and added the juice of half a lemon. We microwaved the apples for about 1-2 minutes to make them softer and pliable to roll later….
In a separate bowl, Giorgio and Luca mixed the marmalade with 2-3 teaspoons of water and stirred the mixture to make it smooth.


We unfolded and rolled out the dough on a starchy surface, which was the favorite part of Luca.

Giorgio also rolled out the dough and I cut it into 6 equal dough stripes. It is optional, but a lot of fun to poke extra holes in the dough or make some other design.


We covered the dough stripes with the marmalade and the apple slices making sure they overlapped to make the roses look real.


We folded the dough to make an apple pocket and rolled them carefully to make the shape of a rose. We were really careful to make sure the apples didn’t fall out and sealed the edges in the end. The roses were placed in muffin cups and were baked in the oven until the puff pasty turned golden brown. (we baked them at 375 degrees Fahrenheit for about an hour)

appleroses6The cooled roses were dusted with powdered sugar and were all gone the day after Mother’s Day.



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Mother’s Day DIY gift, a cute Popsicle Puzzle from the heart…


Mother’s Day is almost here and we have the perfect DIY gift idea. A Popsicle Puzzle…. Personally I don’t want my kids spending money for a present or need a big gift. The perfect present would be a long nap by myself followed by something small and meaningful from the heart that is cheap or free.

My kids love to color and paint. A couple weeks ago I had asked my 8 year old and 11 year old to draw something nice for our art wall. Both of my kids were not sure what to draw, so I gave them some inspiration. Paint something special for me, Mami. Something that I would like or has something to do with me. The result was two beautiful drawings that mean so much to me.

We decided to use these paintings as inspiration for our puzzle and Eva drew a third picture as a free template to use. But it could be anything, a coupon for a nap for example, a photograph, a card or a copy of a ticket (don’t use the original).


We copied the original pictures because they were part of the art wall, but you could also use the original masterpieces. Other than that you only need popsicle sticks or craft sticks, pencil, ruler, scissor, glue and an envelope.


We used 17 popsicle sticks which measured:

6 3/4 inches x 4 1/2 inches or 17.5 centimeter x 11.5 centimeter

We measured in centimeter and cut the masterpieces in 1 cm stripes (make sure that your craft sticks also measure 1 cm or change accordingly)

We glued the paper stripes on the sticks and let them dry overnight.


Happy Mother’s Day to all the amazing Moms everywhere. Not just one day a year, let’s celebrate every day.

Here is our free template for you:



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Pink Baby Photo Booth Props: It’s a Girl…

Photo Booth Props Monday is here and today we are all about BABIES


It’s a Girl!

(we do have props for a Boy too)

Baby photo booth props are perfect party decoration and party game for a baby shower, a gender reveal party, announcing a pregnancy or celebrating the new bundle of joy. You can take cute pictures or use them as part of the decoration. When I had my baby shower for my baby girl, we used glitter on our props and made them look spectacular. We have the baby props in other colors too (blue, yellow, green, purple, pastel) and even different sets for a different style. Scroll down to get links and pictures for the other sets. But first, here are the pictures of our pink bab props and you can get them here in our etsy store:



Here are the blue props:


Here are the purple props:


Here is the yellow set:


This set is an updated version of our old baby photo booth props set in either pink, blue, yellow or green:

Green Baby Photo Booth Props


We also offer a cute multicolor set with different props:


We do have pastel photo booth props here:


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The time we celebrated the birthday of one of our favorite plush animals… or a Teddy Bear picnic with DIY template

This is a throwback post from 2013 when we had a plush animal birthday party…

So actually it is much better than a Teddy Bear Picnic…. Drumroll please: we celebrated the 4th birthday of one of our most favorite stuffed animal, Billy the Squirl.


Luca had the idea, because shortly before, we were celebrating the birthday of my husband and had a huge casino poker party. Luca had helped in some preparation for this party and saw us crafting, baking, making….. So about 5 days after the birthday bash for Chris, he announced that Billy was celebrating his birthday the following Saturday. I asked him what a great birthday party needs and he came up with (in his order)

1. Invitations

2. Cake

3. Party Hats

4. Presents

5. Balloons and a banner/decoration


We created a guest list, which included Mickey Mouse, Schafi, Hippo and some other friends, but was limited to 12 guests. We also invited a real friend and his stuffed animal to make the party even more fun.


Luca started to make the invitations. It was so much fun to see the enthusiasm he had making them. Because the Teddy Bear Picnic was part of the Summer Bucket List, it was the perfect match.  Eva and I created a template for a garland, party hats, party signs and miniature cupcake topper, which is available for downloading. We wanted to make it simple enough that Luca could either make the decoration almost by himself or at least be able to help, since it was his party. The next several days, we worked on the party. One day, we made garlands, the next day wrapped presents and the day before the party we baked the cake. It was perfect, because the anticipation grew with each day and the projects were short enough to not lose interest after a while. We wrapped a small box of peanuts and Eva made some presents like an outfit, a backpack,  a miniature notepad, a necklace (I think Billy is ready for school now) and wrapped them all in several little gifts. They looked so cute… Another great idea was the trail mix from Kian and doggy, Luca’s friend. The day of the party, Luca woke up extra early and could not wait to get started… He helped us to decorate and together with his brother, they brought all the birthday guests, the cake and the presents outside. It was time to get the party started…




You need:

Templates – cut out

colorful paper – we used different scrapbook paper in different colors and different patterns

scissors, glue

stapler or tape

stretch cord for party hats

toothpicks for cupcake topper

colorful balloons – we used water balloons, streamers and ribbons, colorful fabric samples, etc…


How to make the garland:

Trace the template on different colors of paper and cut out. As more colors and patterns as more fun the garland will be  You should have a nice stack. Take both ends of a strip and form a circle. Staple or glue the ends together. Take the next strip of paper through the first circle to connect them and form another circle. Tape or staple the ends together. Continue to get a long and pretty garland.



How to make the party pats:


Depending on the size of the stuffed animal or doll, trace one of the larger circle templates on colorful paper and cut out. Cut straight into the circle until the middle. Repeat and cut off about 1/3 of the circle (sorry, maybe the pics are clearer than my instructions 🙂 ) Take the ends and form a party hat, secure with tape or glue. The stuffed animal gets his first fitting. To secure the strap, we hot glued a stretch cord to one side of the hat. Once it is dried, fit it again to get the correct size for the strap and hot glue the other end. Let it dry completely.



How to make the cake topper:

Trace the small circle template on colorful paper and cut out. You could also use a small circle punch. We cut a toothpick in half and glued them on the back of the circle. Stick them in frosted cupcakes or in small tea sandwiches.


How to make the birthday signs:

Trace both templates on different colored paper and cut them out. Glue the smaller square on top of the larger square and let them dry. We handwrote the signs, but I think it would be even cuter to use a spectacular font from your computer.  If your children are big enough, they could write something inside as well.



Cake and More:

We used half a recipe for a small cake and had some leftovers, which I baked in a miniature muffin tin to serve as cupcakes.



To make it more festive, we blew up water balloons (which was too hard for Luca), and tied them together to make a garland. Luca helped us by taping them on the umbrella behind the picnic area. We first used a towel or a picnic blanket and covered it with colorful fabric samples to keep with the theme. We brought the guests, miniature cups and plates, the cake and cupcakes, the presents and extra balloons for the blanket outside and we were ready to party…

birthday template

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Photo Props Monday: Happy Cinco de Mayo


No time to siesta, it’s a fiesta. Cinco de Mayo is an annual celebration held on May 5. It has evolved into a commemoration of Mexican culture and heritage and we are happy to celebrate it. Our photo booth props are fun party decoration as well as a great party game/activities/photo opportunity.

They are available on etsy as printable and ready made photo booth props:


If you are a soccer fan, you might like our Mexico soccer photo booth props:

mexico soccer

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England/London Photo Booth Props are here….


It’s #photopropsmonday and today we are featuring our latest set: England/London Photo Booth Props. We wanted to make England props for such a long time and finally had the chance, when we received a custom order a few months ago. Country/City props are so much fun and we like to get creative and come up with fun, typical/symbolical props that represent the country or city. Of course there are so many options and props, we could have made (and we had plenty more ideas), but as per usual, we narrowed down the list to 16-20 props and made this lovely and brilliant set. (I would love to make a royal set in the future….. ). What are typical “British” props for you?

You can find the props in our etsy store as printable and ready made props:

We also have England soccer props: (see the end of the blog post for picture)

or Harry Potter Props (see the end of the blog post for picture)



The backdrop had to be the English flag and we also made a park like setting that can be seen on some of the pictures.



Here are the pictures of the other sets:

England Soccer Photo Booth Props:

England soccer

and Harry Potter:



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