a DIY cardboard box house for my two favorite children in the world

In some of my previous posts I was talking about the move of my sister. My parents, Luca, Giorgio and I finally visited her this weekend and helped to unpack boxes and organize the house. (OK, some of us). We also accomplished some other things like getting the “Florida” photo booth props etsy-ready with some new pictures. ( I will post the link soon). Eva also received a beautiful housewarming surprise, which will be described in a different post.

This post is only about a spontaneous idea I had to entertain my kids. We built an awesome house out of cardboard. There were a couple empty boxes which my father had carried outside. We first started to tape two boxes together and added some windows. Two more boxes, some doors and a lot of tape later, we had a small house. Unfortunately it started to rain and we had to transfer the boxes back inside the house. We just kept adding pieces and had more and more ideas. Finally this crazy little house was finished  ( I had more ideas, but we didn’t want to go overboard or did we already, 🙂 )?. I think my sister and I played and built longer than the kids in the end, because we kept adding details.


We named our house “Villa Kunterbunt” which we adopted from the German Pippi Langstrumpf/Pippi Longstocking movie. It means something like “colorful chaos” and was the perfect name. Both were very enthusiastic coloring the roof and some of the walls. Luca wanted to add a second floor, but that was rather unsafe with these two.



They played for a while, moved onto the next game, came back playing (like Giorgio throwing all the crayons and other things he could find inside the windows) and spent the entire afternoon being busy. When it was time to go, Luca was really disappointed that we didn’t take the house home with us. We decided it would be the perfect house for a little bit for my sisters dog, since she is a princes. But I don’t know how this has worked out so far. Anyways, it was a fun project and I could think about tons of other things you could do with cardboard boxes. I am sure this won’t be the last post about them…


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