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pastel baby photo booth props



We got several requests for another set of baby props in pastel. In between some holiday props (stay tuned for lots of scary and creepy Halloween props, crafts and more) we worked on this set and I just got the rest of the pictures ready.


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Nutella Croissants inspired by Pinterest

I love Pinterest…. on so many levels….

One of my boards on Pinterest  is called Yummi, because there are plenty of delicious looking recipes I would like to try one day.

Today was the day for a Nutella recipe. Whenever Luca is hungry, he will ask for a Nutella sandwich. When I asked him, what he wanted for breakfast this morning, I got a big smile. Maybe we could make something with Nutella?  He imediately pushed a chair into the kitchen to help me right away (before I changed my mind). I usually don’t use store-bought dough, but because I pinned a couple of recipes that required it, I had Pillsbury crescent rolls in my fridge.  


We just unrolled the dough (keep two triangles together to form a square), rolled them out a tiny bit and scooped one teaspoon (or more, Luca was generous) at a time onto the upper half of the dough. Out of each square, we got three croissants.  Luca folded the lower part onto the Nutella and I pressed the dough down to make little cushions. (We also tried raspberry marmalade instead of Nutella and both versions taste really good) I cut the dough in the pieces and secured the rim (pressing a fork on the rim to glue the dough together). We baked the croissants at 375 degrees Fahrenheit for 12 minutes, sprinkled powdered sugar over the tops and ate them almost all. 

Now what are we doing for lunch???

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mountain photo booth props & outdoor winter sports – perfect for your snowy ski vacation or winter adventure


Ok, I am sure you are thinking: WHAT? Winter, ski, cold…. am I reading right? 🙂

Yes, you are…. A little coolness for your hot summer maybe… (the photo shoot was very hot for us and we needed to cool off afterwards)

We already posted the mountain props on etsy a while ago, but with all the other things going on, I never had time to post the pictures. Today we sold the set to a customer for an “Arctic Escape Summer Celebration”. How great is that party theme? In honor of this party, I finished the collages and here they are…. we will have all kinds of fall, Halloween and Thanksgiving props soon. Trying to think ahead… but we are already behind, if I am looking at some other pages, hahaha….

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The Birthday Prop Pics are ready

As promised the rest of the birthday props pictures are ready… If you want to read again about the birthday party and the original 

post, here is the link:

 They turned out super colorful and the best part, the birthday badge can be customized to fit the age of the birthday boy or girl (man or woman…)

More information on our etsy page:

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Bachelorette Photo Booth Props in PINK

We were planning to do bachelorette photo booth props for a while now and I am happy they are finally ready and set… And as a bonus, we made them in two variations, dark lace or cream lace (with slight color variations on the props).

For this shoot, we went all out and even got pink wigs and fake eye lashes. (as you can see 🙂 )

It was so much fun to get dressed up and I think we look pretty cute with the wigs. And my favorite color is pink, so this was a happy shoot from the beginning. I can’t wait to do princess props, haha…

 They are available on etsy and ebay:

 Next up ist the post for the birthday props as well as the mountain winter props. I still need to work on the picture collages…

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Mini Surprise Birthday Party in purple

For the birthday of Eva we (my parents and me) surprised her with a small surprise party. Nothing big or fancy,  the theme was easy-peasy and purple with some of her old friends from high school being there. It was hard to keep it a secret, but she didn’t suspect anything and we pulled it off. It turned out really cute.

 In the week before we worked on the first set of birthday photo booth props. (perfect timing, I would say 😉 )

 We had the photo shoot on the actual birthday and could start decorating without her suspecting anything. Because the props are colorful, we added some other colors  for the backdrop as well. This set is super fun and can be used for any birthday party doesn’t matter the theme. I will post more pictures of the shoot soon, but they are already for sale in our etsy shop:

Update: I posted the pictures here:

Here a little photo prop fun from the party:

We had help from a special friend (thanks Jose) who helped getting her out of the house for a short time, while we finished decorating. My Mom had bought all the purple accessories and the entire family kept helping. Luca and Giorgio took some “photo prop” pictures with my dad at first, but started to decorate too…

We served German pasta salad – special recipe from Mom (in plastic martini glasses which gave the table an elegant twist) – very popular, sandwiches, cupcakes and gluten-free brownie bites.

On our bucket list was to make a homemade birthday gift from the boys. We wanted to make something original, but also typical for a birthday. We first made some gluten-free brownie bites. I asked Luca what else was important for a birthday and we got a balloon, a birthday card, a (store-bought) present and flowers. The bouquet of flowers was made by Luca and Giorgio with cupcake wrappers, straws, tissue paper and embellishments. Perfect – unique and original, but “birthday worthy” and it was crossed off the summer bucket list. Instructions are coming soon.

It was a perfect party for (should I write perfect sister 🙂 )Eva and we could only pull it off as a team. Thanks Mom and Dad… and also my two decoration specialists… 🙂

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Happy Birthday to my favorite sister (and only one). Love you…

I am writing this blog post already a couple of days early, since we are busy today. We are going on a small birthday road trip, juhu…. more when we will be back…

Since today is Eva’s special day, I thought I would share something personal or special about her. I was thinking about what to write… because I know her so well and so many things popped up in my head, it was more difficult than I had anticipated.  Maybe we can make a tradition out of it and write something special every year from now.

This year I will share a small obsession of hers… her fingernails! I don’t know any other person that cares so much about fingernails.

Every week there is a new design, the latest trend or a cool color. They look always pretty and perfectly manicured.  Now I really like nail polish, but after about 10 minutes my nails will be chipped, touched or imperfect. Before my sister moved to Florida my nails were always “naturel”, because I did not want to constantly fix them… it is just too much work. But as you might have seen from our photo shoots for the photo props things have changed… My sister took over my fingernails too! I like it…

I am not sure when Eva’s hobby started, but no matter which occasion, holiday or mood, her finger nails match perfectly. It is not just a polish, it is nail art. Rather than writing about it, let me show you. This is only a small  collection of some looks, she had throughout the years.

Since she moved, I also started to learn about finger nails from her. Here are the top 5 tips and tricks, I have received and I want to share for newbies like me:

1. put rubbing alcohol on cotton ball and rub onto finger tips to remove as much oils as possible before applying nail polish. The oil on your nails prevents nail polish from sticking.

2. Baking soda mixed with lemon juice will whiten your nails

3. make nail stickers – apply nail polish to scotch tape & let it try. Cut out stripes or shapes, stick on nails and cover with clear coat

4. make nail tattoos – paint your design onto a ziplock plastic bag and peel off carefully. Paint nails, apply tattoo and cover with top coat

5. to make your nails dry faster, dip fingers in ice water (my favorite tip, because of my kids)

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Happy 4th of July to everybody….

Happy Birthday, America…

A while back, we did the USA photo booth props and took this awesome and very patriotic shot of us. We were decked out in stars and stripes all the way…


If you are interested in last-minute props, just send us an e-mail at


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