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Happy Easter from our egg family… coloring easter eggs…

Since my sister and I were children, we enjoyed coloring easter eggs, but somehow they always kind of looked similar. For this year I had a great and really different idea. Let me introduce you to my egg family:

Papi, Mami, Luca, Giorgio, Bebi (the cat), Leo (the dog) and Nemo (the fish)!

Luca colored his first own (plastic) egg when he was 2 years old. We used finger paint, but he didn’t want his fingers to get dirty and rather used a paint brush. Last year in addition to coloring, we also used stickers.



When I told him about the idea of the egg family, he really loved it and wanted to make my sister, her husband and our parents as well. I convinced him to start with our family first….

We got all the materials ready. Blown out eggs, paint, paint supplies, tissue paper, cardboard, sharpies, wool, scissors, glue, fish line… really whatever we found. It was a fun game getting the table set up.

Luca decided to start with the latest family member: Nemo the blue and green fish. Next was Bebi, the black cat. He painted the egg and didn’t want to get his fingers dirty. (still my little boy). We used a wooden stick to hold the next egg and it worked great. Also a good way of drying the eggs.


After the two black eggs for cat and dog, we chose the colors for our faces. Luca suggested red, green and blue, but had just as much fun stirring brown, pink and white to get more accurate face colors. After painting the rest of the eggs, he painted two more colors in pink, orange, green and blue . We only had white wool, so I colored it for “our hair” and let it dry.


From this point on, I did the rest of the work and Luca gave directions. The animals have tissue paper ears and fins, cardboard noses and fish line whiskers. I painted the faces on the eggs, which was more difficult than anticipated. We glued the hair on our eggs and I used sharpies to draw eyes, noses and lips. First I was not very happy on how the faces looked, but with each giggle of Luca, I started to like the corky eggs more. He was actual jumping up and down with excitement and laughed about each egg. This made me so happy, it actual made my day yesterday. Tomorrow Luca will take his eggs to “show and tell” in his school. I think that will make his day. Let’s see.

We are planning to color hard-boiled eggs with Kool-Aid next week. I will keep you updated on how this will work out.

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A pirate pinata for a pirate bash

Last weekend was super busy… We went to two incredible birthday parties on Sunday. I have to say two is a lot… but thankfully my husband Chris came too. Because of his crazy work schedule, I am normally going by myself with the boys. Also it is not really his thing. Crazy, no? I love birthday parties, children parties, actually parties in general (that’s nothing new). I also enjoy to see what other parents come up with…

There are so many themes and ideas out there and awesome things to do. I have a million party ideas for future parties for my family already – we will have an Italian Film Festival for the B-Day of Chris for example. But I also like them to express their own wishes. It was so exciting when Luca chose the Yoshi party theme. It came out so different and cool and I can’t wait what he will choose for his next party. He kind of thinks the Easter carrot party we are having in our backyard is only for him and I hope he doesn’t expect present.

I am really looking forward to the year we are throwing a Pirate Bash with a treasure hunt. I could already think about some “piraty ideas”, since the first birthday we attended was a Pirate Party and we made the pinata. I had all kinds of ideas, but in the end my sister and I decided to do a treasure box. Who doesn’t want to have gold and treasure. After some research, I designed the hardware, made the frame and started fringing.

The treasure box came out beautiful. It was a big success at the party and the kids loved the candy, little skulls and of course the gold.

The kids had a lot of fun in the bounce house and with their swords and pirate accessories. I had a big piece of cake, Chris his beer and everybody was happy.

The next party was in full swing when we arrived. It was a superhero pool party and had many great details. I loved the favors in particular. A super hero plastic cup with a cape, mask and a matching cookie from your favorite hero. I had another piece of cake, Chris another beer and everybody was happy ( I was a little cake sick).

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The carrots are taking over…

This has been quite a busy week, but the carrots are slowly taking over. We have made all kind of orange and green stuff:

I will post the rest of the pics later…

Carrot Invitations

Giant Carrot Pinatas

Mini Carrot Pinatas or favor boxes

Carrot Party Hats

Carrot Favors for kids

Carrot Photo booth props – part of the easter collection

Carrot Mini Table Easter garland

Carrot garland

Carrot cupcake topper, popcorn cones, small flags

and so much more….I think I am turning orange….

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Our Easter Photo Booth Props are ready… plus this is our 50th post!!!!

Today we had the photo shoot for our Easter photo booth props which was just as much fun as the last time. Photo Props give you a reason to take silly pictures. I like that…. Eva and I always loved taking pictures and had our own “photo shoots” when we were children. We still had to develop the film and I spent quite some money on dark and out of focus shots (that I have kept to this day). Good times…

Here are some of our favorite shots (the props are available directly through e-mail or our etsy shop to download for only $8.99 . It is for a PRINTABLE PDF file that will be ready to print. The PDF file will be emailed to you within 24 hours of purchase. You will need Adobe Reader to open this file, a free download at Please note that these files are not editable. All items featured in this collection, are formatted to print on 8.5×11 paper.


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We are going to have a carrot party….

I am soooooooo excited. We are going to have a carrot party.

Last year we had a fantastic easter party and egg hunt. I want to post some pictures soon.  At first I didn’t want to have a party at all, but shortly after decided to invite only a few kids with parents for coloring easter eggs and a small egg hunt. But somehow small and simple doesn’t work with us.Since it will be a carrot party, I already have all kinds of “carroty” ideas. I just finished the invitations and I am so excited how they turned out. Now I want to give out a whole bunch of carrots and there goes the few guests, Chris is already talking about a bouncy house, but unless it is a gigantic carrot I think, we will pass.

There are lots more things that need to be planned, but I am really looking forward to throw this party and this is the exciting phase. I will keep you updated about the process. Here are some snapshots of the carrot invitation. Once we figured out, how many people we will have, I will also post some group shots. I think they would look super cute in a big easter basket.

We are also selling the invitations on etsy:


What a difference a different printer and better paper makes:

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huge number one pinata

This is the latest pinata we made for a friend of Giorgio. We are invited to his birthday party tomorrow and I made some shots beforehand for our etsy store. The action shots from the party will follow later:) See updated picture at the end of the post…


This is the perfect pinata for the first birthday of a boy or a girl. This particular pullstring pinata was made for a “baby animal” themed birthday party, but can be customized to match any other theme as well.

This huge pinata is about 27 to 28 inches tall and 17 to 18 inches wide, about 4.5 to 5 inches deep and like all our other piñatas custom-made. Other than most commercial pinatas you can buy in the United States, all of our pinatas are made with thin stripes of tissue paper to give it a frilly and fuzzy look. We can change sizes and colors to match any theme. We also offer a smaller version of the number pinata. Please contact me, if you are interested in a pinata and/or need more information.

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A fun St. Patrick’s Day craft/game/math exercise for children – Pot of Gold – free template

While designing the St. Patrick’s Day Photo Props, Luca wanted to help me and asked a lot of question about the Props. Most interesting for him was the small rainbow over the pot of gold. We googled some rainbow pictures and I told him about the saga of the pot of gold at the end of the rainbow. At the same time he was “working” (because he loves to work like adults) with play dough. He first created some rainbows but after a while I asked him what he was doing and he told me he was making gold. Suddenly we were all pirates and he was making treasure. But Luca was not too happy with his gold since it looked all different. I couldn’t convince him that it was fine and we came up with a different method. We rolled out the dough and cut it out with Diet Coke lids. Now, the gold looked like actual coins and he was happy. I wanted to combine our “work” and connect it somehow to St. Patrick’s Day. I had the idea to print out 10 pots, numbered them and he filled the pots with gold. He did it twice in a row and afterwards invented his own game with the pots and gold. The next day Luca wanted to play the game again…. I was really happy how this project turned out.

I didn’t stop and forgot to save my template for the pots. But I did create another template afterwards. If you download it, please share your experience in the comment section. I would love to know how your kids liked the project…



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Who is ready for St. Patrick’s Day?

We are…… !!!!

We love to dress up for any occasion and St Patrick’s Day is no difference. The one green T-Shirt I have, is found deep inside my closet and the make up and glitter will do the rest… We had a fun St Patrick’s Day ( a little early) today for our photo shoot for the St Patrick’s Day Photo Booth Props we designed. They are now available on etsy or directly from us:

It was such a blast: green outfits, green necklaces, green nail polish, green eye shadow, green glitter and green diamonds completed the outfits. The last time I saw that much green was on the Yoshi inspired party for Luca. Photo Booth Props are such a fun element for any occasion. I love them and we will design “cartoonish” props for any event or holiday from now on. If you have any ideas or suggestions, let us know in the comment box. (Easter will be next I think). The only problem is which photo to publish on your blog 🙂 because they are all looking funny. Here are some of my favorite shots together (we have about 5 Millions more)…

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A traditional, but unique housewarming gift

A housewarming present is a nice gesture that is much appreciated by the new home owner (or renter, I guess). I don’t mean buying a big and expensive gift. Maybe a bottle of wine, a card or a cake can be an unexpected surprise and makes a person smile.

But for my sister I needed something more (and also bigger, since I am baking and bringing cakes for no reason at all). Again I didn’t want to purchase anything, rather I was thinking about something traditional, but unique. When we moved in our house, I received salt and bread from my parents. It is still a common gesture in Germany to give these symbols to your new neighbor or friend. I really liked the idea of giving something people already did for hundreds of years. So I started to research which symbols I could give my sister and the meaning behind them. I decided to make her a purple house pinata/ gift basket as a symbol for her new home and because her favorite color is purple. I designed gift tags for the various present and the meaning behind it, bought nice glass jars, which I filled, labeled and decorated and put the gift basket all together. It was a real success, especially my children emptying the house and giving the gifts piece by piece.







Olive Oil



My sister loved her present.It is traditional, thoughtful and so unique. If you are interested in the pinata/gift basket, the gift tags or the entire package, you can contact us directly at or go to our etsy store:


Gift Tags:


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a DIY cardboard box house for my two favorite children in the world

In some of my previous posts I was talking about the move of my sister. My parents, Luca, Giorgio and I finally visited her this weekend and helped to unpack boxes and organize the house. (OK, some of us). We also accomplished some other things like getting the “Florida” photo booth props etsy-ready with some new pictures. ( I will post the link soon). Eva also received a beautiful housewarming surprise, which will be described in a different post.

This post is only about a spontaneous idea I had to entertain my kids. We built an awesome house out of cardboard. There were a couple empty boxes which my father had carried outside. We first started to tape two boxes together and added some windows. Two more boxes, some doors and a lot of tape later, we had a small house. Unfortunately it started to rain and we had to transfer the boxes back inside the house. We just kept adding pieces and had more and more ideas. Finally this crazy little house was finished  ( I had more ideas, but we didn’t want to go overboard or did we already, 🙂 )?. I think my sister and I played and built longer than the kids in the end, because we kept adding details.


We named our house “Villa Kunterbunt” which we adopted from the German Pippi Langstrumpf/Pippi Longstocking movie. It means something like “colorful chaos” and was the perfect name. Both were very enthusiastic coloring the roof and some of the walls. Luca wanted to add a second floor, but that was rather unsafe with these two.



They played for a while, moved onto the next game, came back playing (like Giorgio throwing all the crayons and other things he could find inside the windows) and spent the entire afternoon being busy. When it was time to go, Luca was really disappointed that we didn’t take the house home with us. We decided it would be the perfect house for a little bit for my sisters dog, since she is a princes. But I don’t know how this has worked out so far. Anyways, it was a fun project and I could think about tons of other things you could do with cardboard boxes. I am sure this won’t be the last post about them…


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