Crafty Friday – our new series First Project – Toilet paper roll pencil organizer


We are always busy crafting together with and without kids, but I never take the time to actually post our creations. My kids already love crafting and making stuff as much as my sister and I do, so I decided it was about time to share it more regularly. When starting this blog, I wanted to write about everything we do, not just the photo props and lately (as I said before) this was the only topic we were posting about. Photo props are still our number one topic or bestseller and we will continue to post our latest creations, but crafty Fridays start NOW….

( It will be a challenge for me to post it on time, but I will try my best. )

Colored Pencil Organizer made from toilet paper rolls



We are using our colored pencils literally every day. Eva is drawing and coloring the props with her pencils (the first stage of our props) and Luca and Giorgio have a crafty corner in the living room with all their pencils, crayons, scissors and more.  So we both were looking for a new way to organize them, because Eva’s were stored in the original box, since she is using a better quality of colored pencils (prisma) while ours were originally mixed up altogether in a plastic bin, but because Luca could never find the correct color, we sorted them in plastic cups. Not very pretty, but better.


Giorgio is 2 1/2 right now and he loves to take the cups and mix all the pencils together. We always had a mess and that’s when we decided it was time for a new solution and because Eva needed one two, we decided to make them all together.

You need:

A container to hold the toilet paper rolls, we used a plastic bin (from Ikea) and a shoebox

toilet paper rolls and/or any other rolls like empty tape rolls for crayons, empty bubble wrap rolls or paper towel rolls

acrylic colors/ paint brush

hot glue


colored pencils


We started coloring all of our toilet paper rolls in different colors outside and about half way inside and let them dry. Luca did the first coat, while we made touch ups and second coats. I wanted to have separate compartments for the crayons, so we also colored the tape rolls. Because they are pretty big, I had the idea to use a different color inside and store red/purple, yellow/orange, dark green/light green, dark blue/light blue crayons together. It also looks pretty nice….


Neither Eva nor I measured the boxes or checked beforehand how many rolls we needed. When fitting the rolls, we had some extra space.


I decided to use a bigger roll for the regular pencils, because we have tons of them. We also both needed a compartment for erasers, sharpeners, scissors and other stuff, so we cut some paper towel rolls and bubble wrap rolls to fit the boxes. While Eva and I were busy with the new rolls, Giorgio took the plastic bin and started working too…

He had other plans with the colored rolls and sorted, stacked and organized them. The tape rolls for the crayons work also perfect as bracelets. He spent a good hour playing with the rolls, so we might paint some more for playing only…


We cut them in the desired length and started painting. I painted the outside of the new rolls in grey and inside in turquoise, while Eva used the color of the shoebox – lilac and a powder blue


After the other rolls dried, we tried several different layouts and this was the final result.


While Eva started to embellish the shoe box, I glued the circles with hot glue to the bottom of the box to avoid Giorgio from dumping all pencils together. I guess this would be optional, but it helps making the rolls sturdy.


The box for the boys was basically finished with that. I might make a sign that says “Color Corner of Luca and Giorgio” or something similar. To match the rolls in the middle of the box, Eva painted blue stripes on the shoebox and finished the design with a black fleur-de-lis and black borders.

Both the boxes look so different, but equally wonderful. I am really happy we did the project. It was easy, great to do with the kids and it is actually very useful in both of our houses. My kind of project:

box1finished and here:


Let us know your craft ideas for toilet paper rolls?

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