Carrots, Carrots, Carrots…. An Easter Carrot Party

One of my favorite Easter Parties was our Carrot Party. We had a carrot patch for the egg hunt, carrot cake and cookies, huge carrot decoration pieces, carrot invitations, carrot favors, carrot party hats… actually EVERYTHING CARROT….. and we loved it….


Carrots, orange and green everywhere, more carrots, happy kids…. It was fantastic.


The Savory and Sweet Tables

We had a savory and sweet table with carrot or Easter inspired food like bunny sandwiches, a carrot cake and cookies, little carrot patch desserts etc….


We also served some other dishes that we “carrotized” with our personalized carrot decoration,  cupcake toppers, name tags, little orange flags etc. If you are interested, just send us an email to for more information.



More Carrot Decoration and Activities


The giant carrots served initially as huge decoration pieces in the trees and later as pinatas filled with more goodies for the kids. We also had other activities like a photo booth station to take pictures and a crafting table with some carrot inspired activities for the kids.

The Carrot Patch


One of my favorite parts of the party was our egg hunt inside the carrot patch. This looked so cute and we hid the eggs behind the carrots, which made it more challenging and fun for the kids. We made the carrots out of foam, glued them on wooden sticks and had them all over the carrot patch. We also had carrot shaped eggs instead of golden eggs with special prices inside them.






We created an edge with foam Easter eggs on the sides that the kids didn’t enter beforehand. The entrance was closed with streamers and Easter baskets.


In the end it began to rain, but looking back even this looked beatuiful….


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Make a DIY housewarming basket – house piñata tutorial with free printable



In 2012 I decided to make my sister a symbolic housewarming gift basket with gifts to bless her and the new house. Growing up in Germany, it was a custom to give bread and salt as a housewarming gift, which my Mum did when I moved out for the first time.. I researched other symbolic blessings around the world and made tags to explain the meaning. For a special twist, I also made a house out of a cardboard box because it was a housewarming gift (which I thought was so clever). It turned out beautiful, very special, unique and just perfect. I actually found the old pictures with a really small Luca….


We started to sell the gift tags in our etsy store shortly after and got tons of requests for different colors. And that’s what we did. We now have the tags in 10 different colors available and are working on a new design. Here is our etsy store with all of the tags as printable and ready made versions:


We are planning to make different basket themes/ideas for each color and just made a beach themed basket with the teal housewarming gift tags. If you are interested in pictures and more information, stay tuned until next Wednesday when we will feature the basket.


DIY House Piñata with free printable template


We also recreated the original house piñata for a unique housewarming gift. This is one of my favorite ways to actually present the gifts. It is cute and clever, because it is a house.

We used a packaging box that we found in the Dollar Store and received for free. I wanted to have low sides to see the actual gifts but you could make the side walls as high as you like. This particular piñata is 12 inch high.

You need:

box, ruler, marker, cutter, streamers in different colors, scissors, glue, free door and window template (see below), housewarming gifts as well as our housewarming tags


After I measured and marked my box, I used a cutter to cut off the sides I didn’t need and make the shape of a house. We used yellow and grey crepe paper streamers for the fringes. To fringe the streamers, fold them several times over to get layers and cut evenly, parallel lines halfway into the streamer. Carefully unfold the streamers to get the fringe.



Start at the bottom of the piñata and work your way up. Draw a thin line of glue along the side from one end to the other and glue the fringe line by line.


Cut out our door and window template and glue them on the piñata. After all the sides are fringed in the wall color, finish it off with a second color to simulate the roof.


After the piñata is dry, paint or fringe inside. I used yellow paint to match the outside.


And now for the filling of the Piñata:


We bought little glass containers in the Dollar Store and a list of the items we needed for the presents. We used our tags as guidance, but you could fill it with all kinds if things.

Here is the complete list for each tag, which has the traditional gift along with the meaning behind it.

Bread – May those in your home never go hungry
Salt – May there always be flavor and spice in your life
Rice – May the love in your home multiply
Wine – May you always have joy and never go thirsty
Candles – May you always have light through the darkest times
Honey – May you always enjoy the sweetness of life
Olive Oil – May you be blessed with health and well-being
Plants – May your home always have life
Coins – May you receive luck and good fortune
Broom – May your house always be clean and free of evil spirits

Fill your piñata, attach the gift tags and voila, a beautiful and unique housewarming gift.




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A pirate pinata for a pirate bash

Last weekend was super busy… We went to two incredible birthday parties on Sunday. I have to say two is a lot… but thankfully my husband Chris came too. Because of his crazy work schedule, I am normally going by myself with the boys. Also it is not really his thing. Crazy, no? I love birthday parties, children parties, actually parties in general (that’s nothing new). I also enjoy to see what other parents come up with…

There are so many themes and ideas out there and awesome things to do. I have a million party ideas for future parties for my family already – we will have an Italian Film Festival for the B-Day of Chris for example. But I also like them to express their own wishes. It was so exciting when Luca chose the Yoshi party theme. It came out so different and cool and I can’t wait what he will choose for his next party. He kind of thinks the Easter carrot party we are having in our backyard is only for him and I hope he doesn’t expect present.

I am really looking forward to the year we are throwing a Pirate Bash with a treasure hunt. I could already think about some “piraty ideas”, since the first birthday we attended was a Pirate Party and we made the pinata. I had all kinds of ideas, but in the end my sister and I decided to do a treasure box. Who doesn’t want to have gold and treasure. After some research, I designed the hardware, made the frame and started fringing.

The treasure box came out beautiful. It was a big success at the party and the kids loved the candy, little skulls and of course the gold.

The kids had a lot of fun in the bounce house and with their swords and pirate accessories. I had a big piece of cake, Chris his beer and everybody was happy.

The next party was in full swing when we arrived. It was a superhero pool party and had many great details. I loved the favors in particular. A super hero plastic cup with a cape, mask and a matching cookie from your favorite hero. I had another piece of cake, Chris another beer and everybody was happy ( I was a little cake sick).

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The carrots are taking over…

This has been quite a busy week, but the carrots are slowly taking over. We have made all kind of orange and green stuff:

I will post the rest of the pics later…

Carrot Invitations

Giant Carrot Pinatas

Mini Carrot Pinatas or favor boxes

Carrot Party Hats

Carrot Favors for kids

Carrot Photo booth props – part of the easter collection

Carrot Mini Table Easter garland

Carrot garland

Carrot cupcake topper, popcorn cones, small flags

and so much more….I think I am turning orange….

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huge number one pinata

This is the latest pinata we made for a friend of Giorgio. We are invited to his birthday party tomorrow and I made some shots beforehand for our etsy store. The action shots from the party will follow later:) See updated picture at the end of the post…


This is the perfect pinata for the first birthday of a boy or a girl. This particular pullstring pinata was made for a “baby animal” themed birthday party, but can be customized to match any other theme as well.

This huge pinata is about 27 to 28 inches tall and 17 to 18 inches wide, about 4.5 to 5 inches deep and like all our other piñatas custom-made. Other than most commercial pinatas you can buy in the United States, all of our pinatas are made with thin stripes of tissue paper to give it a frilly and fuzzy look. We can change sizes and colors to match any theme. We also offer a smaller version of the number pinata. Please contact me, if you are interested in a pinata and/or need more information.

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A traditional, but unique housewarming gift

A housewarming present is a nice gesture that is much appreciated by the new home owner (or renter, I guess). I don’t mean buying a big and expensive gift. Maybe a bottle of wine, a card or a cake can be an unexpected surprise and makes a person smile.

But for my sister I needed something more (and also bigger, since I am baking and bringing cakes for no reason at all). Again I didn’t want to purchase anything, rather I was thinking about something traditional, but unique. When we moved in our house, I received salt and bread from my parents. It is still a common gesture in Germany to give these symbols to your new neighbor or friend. I really liked the idea of giving something people already did for hundreds of years. So I started to research which symbols I could give my sister and the meaning behind them. I decided to make her a purple house pinata/ gift basket as a symbol for her new home and because her favorite color is purple. I designed gift tags for the various present and the meaning behind it, bought nice glass jars, which I filled, labeled and decorated and put the gift basket all together. It was a real success, especially my children emptying the house and giving the gifts piece by piece.







Olive Oil



My sister loved her present.It is traditional, thoughtful and so unique. If you are interested in the pinata/gift basket, the gift tags or the entire package, you can contact us directly at or go to our etsy store:


Gift Tags:


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a bottle pinata or better a bottle present for Fabio

Yesterday we were invited to a birthday dinner of a good friend and brought him a little gift. Just something small, but the perfect present for only him.

He used to work for  a drink manufacturing company that produces the Vodka 42Below and when I see this brand,  I automatically think about him.  Therefore this was the perfect fit (plus I love the way it worked out with the W in the end). We filled it with confetti and candy and presented the pinata bottle inside a gift bag for wine bottles. It was such a cute and unique gift. We had a great evening with really good food. When we left we were full and happy. That’s how a good party should be!

If you are interested in a personalized present, favor or pinata, please contact me at for a quote.

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Finally the Yoshi inspired Birthday Party!!!!

I already wanted to post the pictures of the Yoshi inspired Party in forever…. Finally, here they are. The party was such as success and we had so much fun. But most of all, Luca loved his party.


…and before I forget, this was the invitation. A Yoshi egg inside a box to smash with a small Yoshi head with the details of the party:

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most romantic Valentine’s Day gifts ever…


Since I am a hopeless romantic and my favorite color is pink, I also love Valentine’s Day. I think love should be expressed throughout the year, but why not have a special day other than an anniversary to surprise each other and celebrate the romance. I also like to decorate the house and for a short while my family lives in my crazy, pink Valentine’s dream.  February 14th also became a special date, when we found out I was pregnant with Giorgio that day. ( I think that was the top Valentine’s Day gift my husband and I both ever received and we had some pretty other nice ideas for each other). In general I love to be surprised with something romantic and unexpectant…
I think one of the most romantic presents that can be given to your love is a love letter that comes from the heart. I was thinking about a special and romantic way to present it and came up with heart boxes. Once I started experimenting a little, I had more and more ideas (I still get them and want to start working right away). The results are beautiful and I would love to get this from my Valentine! They hearts can be filled with a love letter, a poem, love notes, heart confetti, chocolate, candy (“dare I say an engagement ring”) or any other romantic gift you can think about. The possibilities are endless..
The Pinata Heart
The Double-Colors Heart
The Pedals Heart
The Decoupage Heart
The Glitter Heart
If you are interested in any of the hearts, please contact me at
More information will come soon…
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red car Piñata inspired by the Lightning McQueen car from Disney

For the 3rd birthday party of Kian, one of the best friends of Luca, I created a custom red car piñata inspired by the Lightning McQueen car.

If you are interested in a custom party piñata, please contact us at with all the information for us to determine if we are able to customize your request or simply fill out the request form on our website. Every piñata we make is custom-made to order from start to finish. Depending on the size and difficulty, we require one to four weeks notice before the event. Please contact us or me directly for prices and more information.

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