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Warning: Zombie Infestation Zone


It was a Zombie Apocalypse…. and it was gory, creepy aaaannnddd spectacular…


Halloween group costumes are sooooo much fun. As more family/friends/people you have, as better the effect…. We had family and several friends joining in the costume fun.



We love to dress up in family costumes that involve everybody from grandparents to kids. It started about 10 years ago with a baby and mommy pirate and every year got bigger and better. We started to involve more family and even friends in our theme and Halloween night always becomes a great spectacle with our group. From witches and pirates to skeletons and zombies, when we chose a theme, we try to make it as spectacular as possible and usually make our own costumes.



All of the Zombie pieces are distressed, ripped, slit, hand painted with several layers of green for grass, brown for mud/ earth and of course lots of red for blood. For a final touch, we also embellished the clothes with moss. We zombified all the costumes for a unique and spectacular look. We wanted it to feel like actual Zombies and not somebody wearing a Zombie costume. To make it look as realistic and creepy as possible, we spent quite some time on each costume. Of course the costumes are nothing without make up, fake blood and lots of creepy wounds and scars. Eva did an excellent job with all the make up.





We are selling all the items individually on etsy:


Aivailable costumes are

Zombie boy – pants, dress shirt, jacket (t shirt underneath)


Zombie toddler girl – tutu dress with cape


Zombie Hunter boy – pants, shirt and leather jacket


Zombie adult princess or bride


Zombie woman 1


Zombie woman 2


Zombie Man 1


Zombie Man 2


Zombie Man 3


Zombie T Shirt






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Harry Potter Favor Boxes and Party Favors


When we were planning our Harry Potter Birthday party for my son, we wanted to have the most epic favors and favor boxes. I like to have favors that can be already used during a party rather than given afterwards. I want the kids to play with their favors, because too many times favor bags get tossed after a party and never really used.
We wanted the kids to feel like wizards and decided pretty fast that each child needed a wand. If you have seen any previous posts, we have a DIY post on how to make the wands here:

We also sell different kinds of wands in our etsy shop here:

specifically here in the magic shop:,stats:true


My sister is a pretty spectacular wand maker and she made sooooo many different unique wands. To make it even more crazy wonderful, we had a wand ceremony where each child got assigned a wand from the sorting hat based on questions they had to answer. It was the best game ever. You can read more about the games of the party here:

I think the wands by itself are already a cute favor that would totally be enough, but we wanted more. A student in Hogwarts also needs school books for the different subjects like spells and charms, herbology, defense against the dark arts and potion making. SO we found our perfect favor boxes idea….


This was a lot more tricky than making the wands. I had designed favor boxes before like a treasure chest for our pirate party or the dice favor boxes from the casino party, but I wanted the books to look and open like real books and it took many tries to get there. But I love the final result and the favor table was so much more than favors only. It was part of the decoration and became a focus point of the party.


Just like the wands, we are also selling the template for the different book favors boxes as well as ready made book favor boxes. I am in the process of putting them into our magical etsy store and they should be available starting next week. I will post a link once they are ready. Here a link in the meantime to the magic store itself:,stats:true



We filled the boxes with Harry Potter glasses, a Harry Potter lightening strike tattoo, a Gryffindor tie and some “Bertie Bott’s Every Flavour Beans”. I am not usually one to give the kids at our parties extra candy to take home, because the party itself already has soooo much sugar and candy, but the every flavor beans are a must. What can I say. Who doesn’t enjoy a bogie flavored bean?


A couple days before the party, our house looked like a store on Diagon Alley before the beginning of the new term at Hogwarts with my magical creature cat assisting us too.





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Welcome to a New Year at Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry


“First years should note that the forest in the grounds is forbidden to all pupils. And a few of our older students would do well to remember that as well. I have also been asked by Mr. Filch, the caretaker, to remind you all that no magic should be used between classes in the corridors. Quidditch trials will be held in the second week of term. Anyone interested in playing for their house teams should contact Madame Hooch. And finally, I must tell you that this year, the 3rd floor corridor on the right -hand side is out of bounds to everyone who does not wish to die a very painful death.”

Excerpt from Harry Potter and the Sorcerer’s Stone/ Welcome Speech


The school year has officially started today and after Dumbledore’s speech, we hope everybody is ready for a successful new term . We know there were some problems at Diagon Alley this year and Ollivanders, maker of fine wands since 832 BC. was not able to supply wands for every student. Fear not, we have got a great variety of wands and other magical school supplies delivered by owl straight to Hogwarts. (we can also use muggle mail and send it directly to your home address).
Here are some of our finest wands available:,stats:true



But of course there is more… We do have all your other supplies needed for a successful new year here at Hogwarts like magic spell books that can magically transform into favor boxes, wizard outfits and accessories, potion bottles, owls and so much more….
But back to our wands:
The single most important magical tool, our wands can be made from a variety of woods and cores. Let me introduce you to some of our bestselling wands:


dark werewolf

This wand is made out of Black Ash Wood, which often favor those who are energetic and have a sharp mind. Werewolf fur was added to enhance the owner’s senses during duels and battles. It also has a core of tarantula venom which will amplify the power of dark spells. Finally a Jet lignite coat to strengthen the wand and enhances the owner’s courage.




This wand is made out of Bonewood, which tends to favor those with the darkest hearts and mind. A core of ghost essence was added, which enhances the owner’s intelligence. It was sprinkled with bone powder which slightly increases magic transmission. Finally a drop of dark magic elixir to enhance its power.




This wand is made out of Sycamore Wood, which often favor those with a loving heart and a talent for healing spells. A werewolf claw was added to aid the learning process of magical spells. It also has a core of spider moss which has the ability to calm its owner in dire situations. Finally a Bezoar Stone to strengthen the wand and protects against magical damage.



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