Valentine craft for kids – A long distance hug – a beautiful present for someone special – DIY

I really wanted to wait with this post, since we made this “long distance hug” for some special people in our family. But until the packages will arrive in Germany, Valentine’s Day might be over and this is such a special gift that I must share with you. I already made this craft with Luca a couple of years ago, when my parents lived far away from us. My Mum was very touched and has kept his hands and “the hug” until today. I know it hangs in a special place in her kitchen.

OMA, KAISEROMA + OPA, HEIDI UND LENI NICHT WEITER LESEN! (Just a little warning to stop reading, if the present is for you 🙂 )

You need construction paper (preferable pink or red), a pretty ribbon, scissors, a hole punch, tape and the special note (I will post at the end of the post)


Step 1: Trace both hand prints on construction paper

Step 2: Cut out the hand prints and make a hole

Step 3: Measure the arm span of your child and cut the ribbon in the same lengths

Step 4: Tie the hands onto the ends of the ribbon (I like to enforce the paper with tape, that it will not rip) or glue them together.

Step 5: Print out my note or handwrite the following note on a piece of paper (mine is in German):

A valentine hug to you…

Wrap these hands around you whenever I am not there, so you can have a hug from me anytime.

Optional step 6: The hug itself is pretty awesome already, but I also like to cut out small hearts, make a hole and tie them with extra ribbon onto the string or simple glue them like I did.


This is a hug I like to receive any time.


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15 thoughts on “Valentine craft for kids – A long distance hug – a beautiful present for someone special – DIY

  1. Jeannine

    Awesome idea doing them this week!!!!

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  4. Kim

    Awesome idea!! Made a stack of these with my 1 year old son. He thought drawing around his hand was hilarious

  5. Christina

    Love, love, love this! We have a lo of long distance family…especially Grandmas. We made some this morning with ribbon from the Dollar Store that says “Hugs & Kisses” and has hearts printed on it. They turned out so cute, and my five-year-old liked wrapping it around herself to give herself a hug. 🙂
    Thanks for sharing this wonderful idea!

  6. I absolutely love this!!!! What an amazing idea! We’ll definitely be doing this.

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  8. Norma Linda Sanchez

    Fantastic activity to do with any age appropriate child! We did this for our first Valentine’s Day away from the grandparents and they loved it. Thanks for sharing!

  9. Cheryl Aversa

    Great ! Did this with my grandchildren to send to their other grandparents who are far away !

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  12. i received one from my grand-daughter from B.C. BEST VALENTINE I EVER RECEIVED…LOVED IT.i WILL SAVE IT FOREVER…thank you! Julia & Mom…<3

  13. Super cute! Did anyone come up with a creative rhyming note to attach? The teacher in me wants somethin 🙂

  14. Kelly

    I’m making one for my grandson who lives far away. Grandma’s love to give hugs too! Love the idea, just broadened the audience!

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