Kings and Queens of Miami – DIY project crowns and the beautiful Rhine with the castles

Last week I volunteered in the school of Luca to talk about Germany. Since I grew up in the region of the middle Rhine close to Mainz and Bingen, the Rhine has a special place in my heart. I love the romantic scenery with the castles and hills full of vines. When I was in school, I was sitting next to a window with the most amazing view of the river and a ruin (Burg Ehrenfels) on the other side.

My best friend and I dreamed about going there with our princes for hours. I did return to Germany with my king and my two little princes last August, but it is still on my bucket list to hike up to Burg Ehrenfels one day. We visited Bacharach (a small and charming town with the oldest house from 1338) the Loreley rock and two other castles and we all loved it. It still looks, smells and feels the same way as I remember it, since my family and I visited almost all of the castles during my childhood. This was a fun Sunday excursion. Luca was somehow disappointed that we kept missing the princess, but nevertheless he had a lot of fun rescuing us from the bad knight and other evil creatures.





But back to the school presentation…

So it was very important for me to talk about the Rhine and its beautiful castles in my Germany presentation and as a highlight we made these adorable crowns and ate pretzels and German chocolate in the end. I will post the template at the end of the post. Just download, enlarge and print it. (or just cut it free handed, like it did) All the children liked the crowns and suddenly the room was filled with Arielles, lion kings, princesses and princes, kings and queens, knights, super heroes and other favorite children characters. We had a lot of fun decorating the pre-cut crowns with diamonds and palettes, but other fun things could be glitter, pearls, buttons, stickers, paper snippets or whatever you have at home. As long as the crowns sparkle somehow, the project will be a success. I left before the crowns were dry. To make them fit, the teachers stapled the two ends of the crowns onto a small stripe of paper. I did not take any pictures and was so happy when I received this cool pic from the class. It is an easy and fast project, plus makes everybody smile.

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