T-Shirt Art

From early on, my sister and I have been really creative. From making wrapping paper for Christmas gifts to working in our “factory”, we have collaborated on many projects together. But while I am a hands-on crafter and baker,  she is definitely the painter. No matter how small the canvas (I need to make a separate post about her fingernails), she can transform it in something unique and beautiful. Eva has always been a talented artist and even won a few awards.

She started to paint on T-Shirts with her friends in early 2011, because regular iron on designs would peel off or fade drastically after a few washes.  They went to buy fabric paint, plain T-Shirts and a couple other supplies. Her girlfriends had already ideas in mind for some of the T-Shirt designs and it quickly became a monthly get-together. Eva would take the suggestions and paint and embellish the Shirts. Since they turned out to be a success, they were gifted frequently. I made a collage to share some of the designs.

 When we were planing the Yoshi Party for Luca, Eva offered to make personalized “Yoshi”  T-Shirts for both of my boys. This was such a cool feature and Luca loved wearing it. Right now we are thinking of incorporating personalized T-Shirts as an added feature to our birthday package.

The Birthday Boy with his T-Shirt


The little brother as support with his T-Shirt…


And together… Thanks for the great T-Shirts, Eva!


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