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England/London Photo Booth Props are here….


It’s #photopropsmonday and today we are featuring our latest set: England/London Photo Booth Props. We wanted to make England props for such a long time and finally had the chance, when we received a custom order a few months ago. Country/City props are so much fun and we like to get creative and come up with fun, typical/symbolical props that represent the country or city. Of course there are so many options and props, we could have made (and we had plenty more ideas), but as per usual, we narrowed down the list to 16-20 props and made this lovely and brilliant set. (I would love to make a royal set in the future….. ). What are typical “British” props for you?

You can find the props in our etsy store as printable and ready made props:

We also have England soccer props: (see the end of the blog post for picture)

or Harry Potter Props (see the end of the blog post for picture)



The backdrop had to be the English flag and we also made a park like setting that can be seen on some of the pictures.



Here are the pictures of the other sets:

England Soccer Photo Booth Props:

England soccer

and Harry Potter:



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