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The time we celebrated the birthday of one of our favorite plush animals… or a Teddy Bear picnic with DIY template

This is a throwback post from 2013 when we had a plush animal birthday party…

So actually it is much better than a Teddy Bear Picnic…. Drumroll please: we celebrated the 4th birthday of one of our most favorite stuffed animal, Billy the Squirl.


Luca had the idea, because shortly before, we were celebrating the birthday of my husband and had a huge casino poker party. Luca had helped in some preparation for this party and saw us crafting, baking, making….. So about 5 days after the birthday bash for Chris, he announced that Billy was celebrating his birthday the following Saturday. I asked him what a great birthday party needs and he came up with (in his order)

1. Invitations

2. Cake

3. Party Hats

4. Presents

5. Balloons and a banner/decoration


We created a guest list, which included Mickey Mouse, Schafi, Hippo and some other friends, but was limited to 12 guests. We also invited a real friend and his stuffed animal to make the party even more fun.


Luca started to make the invitations. It was so much fun to see the enthusiasm he had making them. Because the Teddy Bear Picnic was part of the Summer Bucket List, it was the perfect match.  Eva and I created a template for a garland, party hats, party signs and miniature cupcake topper, which is available for downloading. We wanted to make it simple enough that Luca could either make the decoration almost by himself or at least be able to help, since it was his party. The next several days, we worked on the party. One day, we made garlands, the next day wrapped presents and the day before the party we baked the cake. It was perfect, because the anticipation grew with each day and the projects were short enough to not lose interest after a while. We wrapped a small box of peanuts and Eva made some presents like an outfit, a backpack,  a miniature notepad, a necklace (I think Billy is ready for school now) and wrapped them all in several little gifts. They looked so cute… Another great idea was the trail mix from Kian and doggy, Luca’s friend. The day of the party, Luca woke up extra early and could not wait to get started… He helped us to decorate and together with his brother, they brought all the birthday guests, the cake and the presents outside. It was time to get the party started…




You need:

Templates – cut out

colorful paper – we used different scrapbook paper in different colors and different patterns

scissors, glue

stapler or tape

stretch cord for party hats

toothpicks for cupcake topper

colorful balloons – we used water balloons, streamers and ribbons, colorful fabric samples, etc…


How to make the garland:

Trace the template on different colors of paper and cut out. As more colors and patterns as more fun the garland will be  You should have a nice stack. Take both ends of a strip and form a circle. Staple or glue the ends together. Take the next strip of paper through the first circle to connect them and form another circle. Tape or staple the ends together. Continue to get a long and pretty garland.



How to make the party pats:


Depending on the size of the stuffed animal or doll, trace one of the larger circle templates on colorful paper and cut out. Cut straight into the circle until the middle. Repeat and cut off about 1/3 of the circle (sorry, maybe the pics are clearer than my instructions 🙂 ) Take the ends and form a party hat, secure with tape or glue. The stuffed animal gets his first fitting. To secure the strap, we hot glued a stretch cord to one side of the hat. Once it is dried, fit it again to get the correct size for the strap and hot glue the other end. Let it dry completely.



How to make the cake topper:

Trace the small circle template on colorful paper and cut out. You could also use a small circle punch. We cut a toothpick in half and glued them on the back of the circle. Stick them in frosted cupcakes or in small tea sandwiches.


How to make the birthday signs:

Trace both templates on different colored paper and cut them out. Glue the smaller square on top of the larger square and let them dry. We handwrote the signs, but I think it would be even cuter to use a spectacular font from your computer.  If your children are big enough, they could write something inside as well.



Cake and More:

We used half a recipe for a small cake and had some leftovers, which I baked in a miniature muffin tin to serve as cupcakes.



To make it more festive, we blew up water balloons (which was too hard for Luca), and tied them together to make a garland. Luca helped us by taping them on the umbrella behind the picnic area. We first used a towel or a picnic blanket and covered it with colorful fabric samples to keep with the theme. We brought the guests, miniature cups and plates, the cake and cupcakes, the presents and extra balloons for the blanket outside and we were ready to party…

birthday template

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10 Fun ways to color easter eggs


Happy Easter!

We love coloring and dying Easter Eggs and over the years have tried out different techniques to make cute and different eggs. We thought, we share some of our favorite Easter eggs and how to make them. Most of them are very easy to make and they all look beautiful. We used cooked eggs, hollow eggs, plastic eggs and clay eggs for different effects….

1. Emoji Eggs


I think the emoji eggs are soo cute and the kids and I would definitely like to make more next year…



Cartoon eggs like emoji eggs are so fun, bright and cute and they are one of my favorite eggs ever…..



You need:
Plastic or real eggs, yellow, black and white color
We used hollow eggs for this project, because we want them to last and make more next Easter. We colored the eggs yellow and let them dry completely. (we used wooden sticks and straws inside a flower pot) We needed 2-3 layers to get a really bright yellow. We tried to use sharpies to draw on the faces, but the sharpie stopped working shortly after. In the end, we used very fine brushes and painted the faces with acrylic paint.


2. Ombre Eggs


These eggs are so easy to make and look stunning at the same time.








You need:
eggs, egg coloring tablets, vinegar, small plastic cups (in which egg can stand up), extra water or whisk (optional)
We used cooked eggs for this project. This project is very easy, but time consuming. Our cups were the perfect size for the eggs to stand up straight without rolling over. We dissolved the color tablets in a separate container with only a little bit of water and added 3 tablespoons of vinegar. We carefully poured a little of the liquid into the cup with the egg covering only the bottom of the egg. We let it sit for 15 minutes and poured just a small amount of water to create the next lighter shade. We added more water about every 10 minutes until the egg was completely covered. The kids wanted to be involved and make their own ombre eggs as well, so we used a bigger glass and a whip to hold the eggs up straight for easier pouring.


3. Vintage Book Letter Eggs


The vintage book letter eggs are so easy to make and look so chic at the same time.



You need:

Plastic or real eggs, old book, modge podge, gold color and optional ribbon or string


We used plastic eggs for this project, because we want them to last and display them every Easter. We tore the book pages in little pieces and glued them with modge podge. Once the egg was covered completely with paper, we brushed a thin layer of modge pogde on top. We let the egg dry completely and painted the edges of the torn paper with a gold color. Just a little touch of gold. We wanted to wrap some string around the egg to make it look even more vintage looking, but liked the final result and kept them without it.


4. Unicorn Sparkle Glitter Eggs


Glitter eggs are magical and the favorite eggs of my daughter…



You need:
Dyed eggs, fluorescent glitter, white glitter, glue
We dyed our eggs first with regular egg dyes. Afterwards we brushed a thin layer of glue and rolled the eggs in a mixture of white and fluorescent glitter. Voila, glitter sparkle unicorn mermaid eggs…..


5. Napkin Flower Eggs


We brought spring inside the house with the beautiful napkin flower eggs.


You need:
Plastic or real eggs, napkins, modge podge, scissors

We used plastic eggs for this project, because we want them to last and display them every Easter. We applied modge podge on the eggs and covered them with a layer of a napkin trying to brush off any wrinkles to get a flat surface. You could tear the napkin in strips or pieces or cut off a design like a flower and glue them on the egg as well.  Once the egg was covered completely with the napkin, we brushed a thin layer of modge pogde on top and let the egg dry completely.


6. Clay Watercolor Eggs


They are even more beautiful in real life and have different shades of color….


You need:
Clay eggs (see our clay recipe) or real eggs, water, watercolors
We used the colorful plastic eggs from egg hunts and covered them in clay for this project, You can also buy ready made papermache eggs to get the same effect. It would look really nice on real eggs as well.  You only need very wet watercolors and drip them down the eggs. While the first color was still wet, we added drops of a second and third color. The colors blended beautiful together. My three year old thinks they look like Dinosaur eggs. Dinosaur eggs would be a great idea for next year….

7. Confetti Eggs


Just looking at these eggs make me feel happy. Depending how the confetti is placed, you can get various looks and effects and I think, we need experiment more with different colors next year. I already have so many ideas….



You need:
Dyed eggs, hole puncher, tooth pick, glue, tissue paper or ready confetti
We used dyed eggs for this project. You could also use white eggs as your base, but I like to have a soft color underneath. To get the confetti, the kids used the hole puncher. We used tissue paper, because it sticks perfectly to the eggs without looking to bulky. We covered a small area of the egg with glue, dipped the tooth pick inside the glue first and used it to apply the confetti to the eggs. If you use your finger, it will get messy and sticky very fast. This was a nice project for my oldest son. Alternatively you could roll the eggs in the confetti, which we had done a couple years back. Its also pretty sticky and confetti will be everywhere, but also looks very nice.


8. Touch of Gold Eggs


Eggs fit for a king, they came out so beautiful and made the dyed eggs look so much nicer.




You need:
dyed eggs, small sponge, cloth, gold color mixed with water

We used dyed eggs for this project. Luca made these eggs by himself. He dipped the sponge into a glaze made out of gold paint and water and dipped it carefully on the eggs, wiping the excess off with a cloth. So easy and so pretty….


9. Shaving Cream Eggs


This was hand off the most fun project for the kids. But keep in mind it is pretty messy too. We first colored the eggs and had an entire sensory session after followed by a bath.



You need:
eggs, shaving cream, food coloring, tooth picks and lots of paper towel or wipes

We used cooked eggs for this project, My kids sprayed a layer of shaving cream on a plate and added drops of different colors of food coloring. Because of Olli, we overused pink, but that is her favorite color…. We carefully mixed the colors with a tooth pick trying to not overmix them which was difficult because it was sooooo much fun. We rolled the eggs inside, transferring them on a different plate and let them marinate for 15 minutes, while Olli played a little more with the shaving cream. The result was messy, but haaaaapy and thats what I am all about. Since we did this in the garden, it was perfect and I didnt mind the mess. We wiped the excess of the shaving cream off the eggs and most of them were pink and purple, so we made a new batch in different colors.


10. Marbled Eggs


Easy breezy, oily squeezy. You get cute eggs and a small science lesson at the same time.





You need:
eggs, vegetable oil, vinegar, easter egg dyes

We dissolved the colors in water and added 2 tablesppons of vinegar in half of the colors and 3 tablespoons of vegetable oil in the other colors. We mixed the oil and dipped the eggs first into vinegar solution and after into the oil solution and vice versa.

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