A traditional, but unique housewarming gift

A housewarming present is a nice gesture that is much appreciated by the new home owner (or renter, I guess). I don’t mean buying a big and expensive gift. Maybe a bottle of wine, a card or a cake can be an unexpected surprise and makes a person smile.

But for my sister I needed something more (and also bigger, since I am baking and bringing cakes for no reason at all). Again I didn’t want to purchase anything, rather I was thinking about something traditional, but unique. When we moved in our house, I received salt and bread from my parents. It is still a common gesture in Germany to give these symbols to your new neighbor or friend. I really liked the idea of giving something people already did for hundreds of years. So I started to research which symbols I could give my sister and the meaning behind them. I decided to make her a purple house pinata/ gift basket as a symbol for her new home and because her favorite color is purple. I designed gift tags for the various present and the meaning behind it, bought nice glass jars, which I filled, labeled and decorated and put the gift basket all together. It was a real success, especially my children emptying the house and giving the gifts piece by piece.







Olive Oil



My sister loved her present.It is traditional, thoughtful and so unique. If you are interested in the pinata/gift basket, the gift tags or the entire package, you can contact us directly at info@thepartyevent.com or go to our etsy store:



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