Guten Tag… Oktoberfest is almost here… and we have the German/Oktoberfest props for you


germany 4

Just 4 days to go until Oktoberfest 2019 begins in Munich, Germany. Just like many other places in the world, we do also have several Oktoberfest celebrations here in Florida and we are looking forward to them every year. In case you didn’t know, we were born and spend our childhood in Germany. We also talk German to each other and my kids are raised bilingual. We try to visit our Omas and other relatives in Germany as often as possible. We like to eat German food, watch German “Kinderstunde”, are German soccer fans, and keep German traditions alive (all year around, but especially around the Christmas time)

Aaaaaand we also have a German Dachshund,

Since we like to celebrate our heritage and we love to dress up, Octoberfest is the perfect combination. Last year was our first year owning actual Dirndls (bought in Germany)  making it extra “wunderbar”. Now we just need to learn how to dance the Schuhplattler and we are ready for the Oktoberfest this year. Here are some of our pictures from last year:




Several years ago, we had the chance to make German/Oktoberfest inspired photo booth props and it was one of the “funnest” sets we ever did. We came up with a list everything “German”. We pulled out everything German we could think off, including the deepest stereotypes, which are usually the funnest kind of photo booth props. And who doesn’t like to have a fork with a “Wurst” on it posing with the Neuchwannstein castle wearing Lederhosen. Photo props are meant to be silly… and that’s what we love about them. We are super proud of this set, because it has just the right mix of fun, culture and typical images of the country that we love and what the world imagines Germany to be. (even though there is so much more and we have enough ideas for a second set)

germany 1

The props are available as instant download to print and assemble yourself or as ready made photo booth props – ready to use at the Oktoberfest or any other German inspired party.  Here is the link to the printable file:

germany 2germany 3Germany coverDo you want more? We have another German set… Since we are big soccer fans and the soccer world cup is kind of a big deal, we made soccer photo booth props to support Germany and also made props for all the other countries participating in the 2018 FIFA world cup.

The German soccer photo booth props are available here:

Germany soccer 2

Germany soccer 3


How much fun would it be to combine these two sets? And they are also beautiful decoration for any Germany inspired party. If you have more questions or like more information about these sets or any of our other sets/decoration, just send us an email to
Germany soccer 1






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