DIY Tulle Pom Pom Garland, (they were featured in our Valentine’s Love photo booth props shoot) perfect for a birthday backdrop


We wanted to feature this craft on the blog already for soooooooo long. We used several of the pom-pom garlands as backdrop for our Love and Hearts photo props and several birthday tables we did, like the girl birthday on the picture below…. one of my most favorite backdrops EVER!!!!!! So pretty…

pink lemonade garland collage

Here is also the link to the Love props  (red and pink pom-pom garland only):

They would be so awesome for any kind of girl birthday party, but especially if you have a little princess or you are one yourself.

pompom overviewWe also have the garlands for sale on our etsy page (limited quantity left) in four different shades, if you don’t have the time to make them:


Ok, enough pictures of the finished pom poms, let’s make them….

You need:

tulle rolls in different shades and colors

a cardboard template – we used free paint chip samples from home depot


twine and/or ribbons


 We need to go to home depot quite often to buy colors for backdrops and other supplies. Most of the times with my children and they love the free paint chip samples. Even though they only get a few each time, we managed to have quite a collection, because I don’t to just throw them away. We came up with some crafts for them, but they can be used (and reused) for the pom poms as well. We just wrapped the tulle rolls around the paint chip samples about 15- 20 times (keep wrapping for a fuller pom-pom 🙂 )

pom pom step 1

Cut the end off and remove the cardboard carefully. If you make a bunch of pom poms, I suggest making each step together for all the pom poms rather than going back and forth and finishing each pom-pom one by one. We had quite a stack of cardboard-tulle squares at one time… Pinch the sides together and tie with a ribbon or twine to make little bow ties.

pom pom step 2

Now cut the sides with a scissor and fluff to get the pom poms. We tied 10 different shades of colored pom poms to a ribbon to make a garland. The great thing about it, is that you can adjust the spacing of the pom poms in the end and voila, there is your finished garland.

pom pom step 3


Sorry, for the bad lighting of the pictures, but of course we did this project when it was dark and light was not great 🙂

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