Princess/Castle Photo Booth Props perfect for a royal princess celebration, but also made for a queen


Lately, we are just posting new props. I want to post some of the crafts we did with my kids or any of our other new stuff, including the upcoming Easter Egg Hunt, but somehow we are getting more custom orders than usually (which is great) and are really busy making new sets of photo props. I will really try my best to post any other posts not about props soon, but on the other hand I need to share our latest creations, which are one of the best sets yet and I am so proud how they came out. It was also a custom order and we really wanted to make it extra spectacular, because it’s for Princesses!!!!! We even started to play with glitter and the glittered version is even more fantastic. I could go on and on, but let me show you the pictures…

 princesscollage4 princesscollage3 princesscollage2 princesscollage1

My sister made the castle, which we used for some pictures. This was kind of the cherry on the cake, because it looks like we are in a tower. I love, love, love, how the finished props looked. They are available on etsy. We are planning to sell the castle background too, just contact us for more information at

Here are some props from the glitter version:

princessglittercollage princessglittercollage2 princessglittercollage3

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