Happy New Year… 2013, here we come…


I can’t believe it is already almost 2013. This year flew by like crazy. It was a wonderful, exciting, fun, new and busy adventure and this company means now so much to my sister and I. It’s what we wanted to do and we can’t wait to grow more and achieve new milestones in 2013. At the same time, it was stressful and I can’t control my working hours. Somehow I am always working…. (and oops it was 2am in the morning again.) We made so many new props, but wanted to make more… there was just not enough time. We made new friends, met some awesome people, shared some projects and crafts, I spent a long summer with my boys, had some awesome customers and even companies asking us to design some props for us. Like the New Year’s Eve favors for Caffe Milano on Ocean Drive, we love so much.


We designed props for the Boston Aquarium, which was very exciting. (I will write a post about  it soon) but one of the best parts was the AWESOME feedback we got from a lot of our clients. It means the world to us to see pictures of events or to hear a funny story. We love to personalize and created some really cool props and other designs, we never got to share in our stores or the blog. We got some crazy new ideas and are now working on that… And we have so much MORE planned for 2013. We will also start to sell complete party packages that go together with the props for starters… and a schedule filled already for the next year. It wil be great. 2013, here we come…


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