Merry Christmas from our family to yours…

I am a little late this year, especially because we had our main Christmas celebration already Christmas Eve… It was magical… lots of sparkles and laughter, beautiful, delicious, warm, loud, music, full of love and family, plenty presents, gluten-free, pink, green and gold and so much more. Just perfect…. and we are still living from leftovers 🙂


Every year we have a color, pattern or idea, which is the theme for Christmas. This year it was inspired by some mini ornaments we found at Michaels. Since pink is my favorite color, it wasn’t difficult to come up with some ideas for the tables and presents. We wanted to have sparkle and elegance…


The outcome was divine and elegant, exactly like we imagined. We had plenty of sparkle and the light was reflected in all the shiny little ornaments, which gave the dining and living room the special Christmas magic. Everything looked beautiful.



luca,giogio and mami

And last, but not least: The Panettone… you can’t have an Italian Christmas without one… even though we only had a tiny version this year…


 I can’t believe Christmas is already over.  On the bright side. we already have some ideas and inspiration for next year 🙂

ok, actually super last pic – we – means of course my sister and me – and here is a pic she took while I made the beef brisket. (of course our clothes also fit the theme and are gold and pink).


Happy Holidays…

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