Christmas Candy Cane Photo Booth Props



With Halloween over, we are starting right away with some Christmas fun…. The props were already made a while back and are already for sale in our etsy store for some time now, but I did not find the time to write about them in the blog… Recently I blogged about the other Christmas set, the ugly Christmas ties, which are really funny, so I am happy to give the candy cane photo booth props finally their place in the blogosphere!

We are planning on one more Christmas Set as well as a icy wintery penguin set, so in total we would have 5 winter themes (ugly Christmas ties, candy cane set, mountain – with gloves, scarves and outdoor fun, the other Christmas set and the penguin set). And there is sooooooooooooo much else I want to write about the Christmas time, because this is the biggest celebration throughout the year for us with tons of preparations, crafts, games, baking, family time, decoration, presents and so much more… I am getting excited to just write about it. I will start soon with the Adventskalender (advent calendar) for the boys, my husband and my sister and this alone deserves like three posts alone… I need to find extra blogging time (can’t wait to share). But first the candy cane pics, btw. you can buy them here:


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