Happy Halloween from The Party Event


Yesterday we had the best time getting ready for trick or treating and Halloween fun. I love to dress the boys in the same theme (I still can without getting complaints), but this year we went out all the way with a castle theme. We not only included my husband and me, my sister and another friend were part of the group as well. We had a blast!!!!!

We had Luca the knight and Giorgio the dragon, I was the princess, my sister was the evil queen and my husband and our friend were two more knights. We looked really funny…. Of course getting ready was already a lot of fun, since this time it was the real thing. (We also got dressed up for Halloween photo shoots in August and I was sad to remove it right away) Lots of armour, a green dragon costume, glitter, rhinestones and some tulle later, we were ready for Trick or Treating. It was the first active Halloween for Giorgio and he got it right away. He was so happy holding his little bucket and getting candy. What a trooper, not one complaint! The knight got a little moody after a while, but nothing a sugar rush couldn’t fix. 🙂

After the kids part, we also went to Lincoln Road to be part of the Freak Show Halloween that South beach offers and met more friends…. It was a great evening, but today I am tired…

There was another important reason why this Halloween was really special, because we got a big order of  ready-made sets of Halloween photo booth props from a major restaurant on Ocean Drive in South Beach.

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