bloody or slime Halloween candles – an easy, fast and very spooky craft

I usually post crafts I do with my kids, but I love to do projects just for me too… I recently posted about the spectacular Halloween Table we did a couple of years back. If you haven’t read about it, check it out here:

The bloody candles were a last-minute extra creepy idea we had. You need white candles, red candle wax (for blood) or green candle wax (for slime), a lighter, some newspaper to cover the working area and a candle holder or something to hold the candle in place. Easy peasy…

We accidentally bought a red candle which had white wax inside. I double checked before, but somehow grabbed the wrong candle in the end. Thankfully I still had some candles at home. We used a dark fuchsia red in the end and it still looks nice and authentic.  As candle holders, we used styrofoam bowls, which we turned around and made holes inside to hold the candles. We put the white candles in the candle holders, used an extra candle to make first the red and later the green wax hot and poured the liquid carefully over the white candles. Because the wax hardens pretty fast, we had to work fast, but still be careful to not get burned.

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