decorating the house for the holidays with children

Since we live in Florida, we don’t get the typical seasons outside of our house. But not inside! I love to decorate for each season and holiday. Right now our house smells like a big pumpkin pie and we have leafs, nuts, pumpkins, straw, berries and other fall decoration all over. This makes me feel so good and I love to share or pass on this love of the different seasons to my kids. Of course we go to the pumpkin patch and do fall crafts, but I also like to include them in the decorating. We have a fireplace where they can go wild. They are allowed to decorate it for each holiday.  I have to check to see, if I have pictures throughout the year, but now it is covered completely for autumn. We use different things (from streamers, stickers, drawings, crafts to leafs, nuts, flowers, buttons or whatever I can find in the house that matches the theme). I bought foam leaf and pumpkin stickers for a craft project and Luca decided the fireplace was the perfect place to display theme. We also used hazelnuts to make a border on top of the mantel. I mean the boys did it all by themselves and I only took pictures. The fireplace looks beautiful and perfect and I could have not done it better. Plus Luca was really proud of him and feels very important. I think every house should dedicate a corner, a door, a fireplace, a corkboard or big frame to let the kids decorate for a holiday, birthday or just because…. and I don’t mean to just hang art from school… I think you will be amazed what your kids come up with – at least I am with mine and I think the hazelnuts idea was genius…

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