The best and creepiest Halloween Dessert Table ever…

I am very excited to share one of our coolest (and one of my favorite) creations ever. 

The Graveyard!


Every year my parents host an awesome Halloween bash and one year my sister and I offered to make the desserts.  We sat together and came up with a plan. We added more and more ideas and out came a super creepy graveyard with an eerie “ghost tree”, terrifying witches fingers and all kinds of other gruesome sweet treats.

We surprised my parents after pulling a night shift before the party and exceeded their expectations.

I can cook or bake the best at night when everybody else is sleeping, but this time I enjoyed especially because Eva and I baked and decorated together. It was smelling delicious as we finished dozens of cookies and cupcakes. From eyeballs and spiderweb cookies to marshmallow skeletons and bloody frosting, there was some for everybody…

We also made the candles and candle holders as well as the eerie Halloween tree and the graveyard fence. It was such a great project…. here are the instructions to make the candles:

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