Autumn/Fall Photo Booth Props as a perfect way to celebrate the beginning of the season

Part of me still tries to catch up with the summer bucket list and wants to stay at the beach every day and celebrate the summer, but the other part is cheering and can’t wait for fall. I love all seasons and I can find happiness and joy in each one… I love the colors, the foliage, the smells, the pumpkins, the beginning of the holidays, the scarecrows and hay and so many other things about fall. Writing about it gets me already sooooooooooooo excited. Even though, we don’t have this in Florida, growing up in Germany I experienced many autumns and would love to make a little trip into an autumn forest full of beautiful colors right now like the one that is really close to the house of my grandmother.

We had many ideas for the set and could have made lots more props. I think the final props really reflect some of our vision of autumn. It might be a week or two too early for most people, but I remember when I was pregnant with Luca I started to decorate the house in the last week of August (Luca was born in December and I really wanted to get the fall season started to get the pregnancy over as fast as possible)

Here are the picture collages with a little side advertisement for us 🙂

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