water balloon activities and planting a garden – more bucket list fun stuff

I am working on posting the updates for the bucket list, while still having fun in the sun and getting the work done too. Because the water balloon fun just happened this morning, my goal was to post it right away today. It wasn’t really a water balloon fight, which was actually good. We came up with some fun ideas and went through tons of water balloons. The first tub with balloons was empty before we could count to ten. We had to think about some good ideas to make them last longer….

The first activity was to try to destroy the balloon with a plastic knife, which is not as easy as they thought:

They decided pretty quick to just throw them in the grass and the balloons broke right away. This is a very fast way for the balloons to disappear.

Next we tried to throw and catch them to each other without breaking the balloon. The next activity was to throw the balloon in the air and catch it again. We also tried to throw them through a basket ball net… The most fun for them was the game to follow our commands without dropping the balloon and plain old smashing…
(hold the balloon with one hand – stand on one leg – hold it over the head – manoeuver it through the legs – run to the tree and back …. ).

Even with the games, the balloon fun was over way too fast… and left was an empty tub…

And this was already a while back. Luca helped me plant some tomato plants as well as rosemary for our herb garden:

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