two different shell crafts – decorated frames and pots – pet shells

1. Ocean picture frames and ceramic pots

Last summer we went to Germany to the wedding of my uncle and saw a lot of family members. It was a wonderful trip and we wanted to have a little gift from Luca (and baby Giorgio) that came from the heart. I also wanted to make something that would be pretty enough to actually use ( i guess not everybody is into kids drawings). Because the beach is not far from our house, I came up with the idea to use sand, shells and the ocean as the theme. We made decorated frames and painted ceramic pots. I think the gifts were awesome coming from a 3-year-old and would be a great craft to make after a vacation.

 You need:

wooden frames (we got ours at Michaels for $1) or ceramic pots, blue paint, paint brush, shells, sand and glue


Luca did almost the entire project by himself. We went to the beach and he collected the shells and sand (we used a ziplock bag). When we came home, he painted the frames and ceramic pots and we let them dry. The next day, we finished the project. Instead of giving him the glue bottle, I let him paint the glue with the paintbrush on the frame and pots. He dipped the pots in a container filled with sand and poured it over the frames. This was the most fun for him and I helped to shake it off to control the “sand damage”.  I let him place the shells on the frame and glued them exactly where he put them with hot glue from the glue gun. The frames looked amazing. And of course, we used a picture of both brothers to make the present complete. Luca told me where to glue the shells for the pots and ready were some really cool presents.

2. “Bucket list” pet shells and some pet rocks too…

Another craft from the bucket list… The pet shells or in our case shell monsters are adorable. This is an easy craft which entertained my kids an entire afternoon. We first painted the shells  (we had already painted the rocks before), embellished them with eyes, diamonds, paillettes and pearls, let them dry and the kids played with the monsters for hours. Since it was raining all day, it was the perfect entertainment.

You need:

Paint, paint brush, shells, embellishments (plastic eyes, stickers, beads and whatever you can find in the house)

I mean for these, there are really no instructions necessary 🙂 I let them paint first and made  a pink shell monster/pet myself. We washed the hands, ate a snack and started embellishing. Last week, we had also painted some rocks, which made the second part even better, because we could make more monsters. But Luca preferred the shells, because the surface was much smoother! Shortly after we got our first pet shells… After some drying time, Luca and Giorgio both played with the monsters and had a “pretend party” – which is the favorite game at the moment.

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