It’s my birthday and I can eat cake, if I want to… :)

Since I wrote a birthday post about my sister, I decided to share something about me too. It’s a little strange to write it myself, but I love to share about one my favorite hobbies and I am excited to dig for pictures about some of my creations. Did you guess what it is?

For anybody that followed the blog from the beginning, it wasn’t too difficult. I wouldn’t say it is an obesession, but something I love to do… Yes, it is… Baking…. I would say this blog post should be renamed to: Desert Extravaganza…

Cookies, cakes, cupcakes, tarts, puddings, mousse, flan… I really like to bake and make everything that has to do with deserts… and eat it of course. I could live on sweets (and chocolate)

I also have plenty of baking cookbooks that focus only on the sweet things and I love to try new recipes. I even wanted to start a “cookie business” several years ago, but it turned out too difficult with the laws and regulations of Florida, like using a kitchen that is not for personal use… Also I am not as good as I think I am and I am often disappointed with the result, because  it looked better in my head. Nevertheless I continue to bake, challenge myself and try new ingredients, recipes and tools. My number one thing would be sugar cookies and after making them many times, I mastered them and have become a self-proclaimed cookie chef.  But check out yourself , here are some of my creations…

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