Nutella Croissants inspired by Pinterest

I love Pinterest…. on so many levels….

One of my boards on Pinterest  is called Yummi, because there are plenty of delicious looking recipes I would like to try one day.

Today was the day for a Nutella recipe. Whenever Luca is hungry, he will ask for a Nutella sandwich. When I asked him, what he wanted for breakfast this morning, I got a big smile. Maybe we could make something with Nutella?  He imediately pushed a chair into the kitchen to help me right away (before I changed my mind). I usually don’t use store-bought dough, but because I pinned a couple of recipes that required it, I had Pillsbury crescent rolls in my fridge.  


We just unrolled the dough (keep two triangles together to form a square), rolled them out a tiny bit and scooped one teaspoon (or more, Luca was generous) at a time onto the upper half of the dough. Out of each square, we got three croissants.  Luca folded the lower part onto the Nutella and I pressed the dough down to make little cushions. (We also tried raspberry marmalade instead of Nutella and both versions taste really good) I cut the dough in the pieces and secured the rim (pressing a fork on the rim to glue the dough together). We baked the croissants at 375 degrees Fahrenheit for 12 minutes, sprinkled powdered sugar over the tops and ate them almost all. 

Now what are we doing for lunch???

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