Mini Surprise Birthday Party in purple

For the birthday of Eva we (my parents and me) surprised her with a small surprise party. Nothing big or fancy,  the theme was easy-peasy and purple with some of her old friends from high school being there. It was hard to keep it a secret, but she didn’t suspect anything and we pulled it off. It turned out really cute.

 In the week before we worked on the first set of birthday photo booth props. (perfect timing, I would say 😉 )

 We had the photo shoot on the actual birthday and could start decorating without her suspecting anything. Because the props are colorful, we added some other colors  for the backdrop as well. This set is super fun and can be used for any birthday party doesn’t matter the theme. I will post more pictures of the shoot soon, but they are already for sale in our etsy shop:

Update: I posted the pictures here:

Here a little photo prop fun from the party:

We had help from a special friend (thanks Jose) who helped getting her out of the house for a short time, while we finished decorating. My Mom had bought all the purple accessories and the entire family kept helping. Luca and Giorgio took some “photo prop” pictures with my dad at first, but started to decorate too…

We served German pasta salad – special recipe from Mom (in plastic martini glasses which gave the table an elegant twist) – very popular, sandwiches, cupcakes and gluten-free brownie bites.

On our bucket list was to make a homemade birthday gift from the boys. We wanted to make something original, but also typical for a birthday. We first made some gluten-free brownie bites. I asked Luca what else was important for a birthday and we got a balloon, a birthday card, a (store-bought) present and flowers. The bouquet of flowers was made by Luca and Giorgio with cupcake wrappers, straws, tissue paper and embellishments. Perfect – unique and original, but “birthday worthy” and it was crossed off the summer bucket list. Instructions are coming soon.

It was a perfect party for (should I write perfect sister 🙂 )Eva and we could only pull it off as a team. Thanks Mom and Dad… and also my two decoration specialists… 🙂

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