Summer bucket list – make a giant hand/foot outdoor painting

You need:

large white sheet (depending on the weather, you might need some weights)

fingerpaint diluted in water

lots of small hands and feet to make super cute prints

It did not look great outside, but I was promising to do this activity for days. (it had been raining every day) Luca wanted to do this sooooooooooo bad. We took the gamble and it worked out perfectly. Since it was overcast, it wasn’t too hot outside and the rain kept waiting until we were finished.

Everybody had such a blast and we added splash painting and an impromptu water fight to the activity. Perfect!

But I am getting ahead. I wanted to use store-bought fingerpaint mixed with water for the painting, which did not work out very well. It was impossible to combine them and make a smooth paste. Since I didn’t have time to make the perfect fingerpaint, we just combined water and cornstarch and added some food coloring.

I didn’t measure, but the mixture should be still “somewhat watery”. The boys had a lot of fun mixing the colors and we were already getting messy.

Luca went right ahead with hands and feet… Giorgio wasn’t to convinced at first and really only wiped the fingers on the sheet. Until he started to experiment with the feet. They were both super busy printing, stamping, stomping, mixing colors, getting dirty, splashing and we spent a good hour until all colors went brown. I loved that Luca came up with the idea to use the mixing spoon for splashing the colors and Giorgio immediately grabbed the other spoon and followed his example.

 Luca also experimented with the store-bought colors, but it wasn’t really satisfying for him and I did not like them as much, since they didn’t dry.

The cornstarch on the other side was perfect for us, but left a dry, sandy residue on hands and feet before washing it off.  Here one more shot of the end result:

I did not want to clean the boys in the house, so we got the gardening hose and washed everybody off. Luca enjoyed it, Giorgio not so much. Chris just came home right then and we splashed him too. He went back inside and the cleaning fun continued. I did not see him coming back outside with a big bucket full of water at first. When I did, it was too late. I was completely drenched in water. 🙂 And Luca was allowed to pour one time as well…

It was a lot of fun and this project was much more than I expected. I highly recommend it and cleaning is super easy. It was the perfect activity for all of us. 

Now, I did not want to keep a big sheet with prints and paint.  (by the way the paint gets lighter when it is dry) We cut out some pieces which were extra cute and I might use them for the baby book or showcase them in a treasure box for a while. I don’t know yet, but I need to remove them from the kitchen table, hahaha…

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